quick trip to spokane

Hi hello!

Jen here, coming to you from my deathbed!! I caught a really awful cold yesterday morning and am taking the day off from work today. I have a feeling I caught something from this trip to Spokane, actually.

Nevertheless, it was such a fun trip! I went for a conference with my accounting student organization on campus, so about 20 other students came with me. I was also excited to check out the Gonzaga campus.

We had a lot of down time for the conference, which I was grateful for because I wanted to explore the small city of Spokane. I had heard that over the years, many parts of the city were being developed into cuter areas.

First stop was Madeleine’s Cafe & Patisserie. I had a solo breakfast here right when it opened at 7:45am since I had plans to meet up with a Zag student. Everything looked so tasty, but I grabbed the Forest Scramble and haven’t looked back. One of the best breakfasts I’ve ever had!!

I also found some alone time (funnily enough, I ran into my peers TWICE just walking around the city. I guess that’s what happens in small cities), and explored Auntie’s Bookstore, one of Spokane’s independent bookstores. So adorable!

On the way to the Spokane Falls, I saw a little coffeeshop named Atticus, so I hopped in for a second. While I wasn’t in the mood for caffeine (shocker, I know), the back of the coffeeshop was a store selling bookish knick-nacks, which I also loved browsing.

I finally made it to the falls, and it was lovely. The day was cloudy with a slight breeze, but it was so refreshing standing on the bridge and watching the falls crash.

I’d say Spokane is perfect for a quick weekend trip – growing up and living in big cities, I can’t say I’d live in Spokane, at least in my younger years. I think Seattle still has my heart.

Thanks for reading!


life updates: grad edition!

It has been a hot minute since we last chatted!

I’m on spring break now and I finally got around to sitting down, aggregating my photos from the past couple of weeks, and writing this “I’m back” post.

First of the updates… I’m done with my undergraduate degree! Sadly, the final grade for one of my classes still isn’t out yet, but I have no doubt that I passed the class 😂 It’s a surreal experience to be done with college, and I’m so relieved. I was definitely feeling burn-out towards the end there; now, I get to relax for six whole months before I start school again! Whew.

Second of the updates: I got into the second grad school I applied to! For those who don’t know, I’m pursuing the Master of Science in Taxation degree (file yo taxes, friends), and I’m 90% sure I’m committing to one but can’t quite bite the bullet yet until next week.

For the rest of my updates, I’m happy to share via my photo diary:

After the weird snowpocalypse that was completely #fakenews, my good friend Kaitlin and I went to try The Fat Hen in Ballard! It’s a renowned brunch spot that we both hadn’t been to yet. It’s a super tiny spot, so either go with less friends or get there early and be prepared to wait. If you know me, you know I love eggs in any shape/form, so I was more than ready to order their baked eggs. Verdict: did not disappoint!

I was excited and surprised around this time to have been selected to participate and represent my university’s team for a case competition in Atlanta, Georgia. A learning experience + free trip to the south? Yes, please! The case dropped a week before we flew out, which meant I was preparing for my final exams while trying to crank out a global health case on hurricane management. I love meeting new people and working in teams though, which made it so fun and entertaining.

We were only in Atlanta for 3.5 days, but we made the most of it as we could. Since I had been to Atlanta earlier last year, I made an effort to visit the Ponce City Market, which I had missed last time! It was lovely – so many good eats! We also stopped by Two Urban Licks for dinner.

The day before the competition was a full case work-day, so my team and I grinded all day. We joked that our team was hit with the worst fatigue because of spring forward, dead week (the week before final exams), and a three-hour coastal time difference.

Wearing business professional means lots of photoshoots! We presented on a Friday and while we felt really great about the presentation and Q&A portion, we didn’t make it to the final round. Nevertheless, we went out as a group later that night to celebrate at The Ivy Buckhead with some dancing. Highly recommend!

As our last meal in Atlanta, we went to Home grown GA – a cozy little brunch diner. If you’ve been to Beth’s Cafe in Seattle, I got the same vibes here. It was a long wait, but there is an adorable wall on the outside of the diner and you can sip on coffee while you wait. I always need to get Southern grits now whenever I visit Georgia – a classic!

One of my teammates in my classes had reflected and shared that “laughing builds trust”, and it’s so, so true. I had never pinpointed that sentiment before, but now I’m cognizant to integrate that into every new team I work with. I had the best laughs with this case competition team! One of the saddest realizations for me was making new friends right before I graduate; it’ll be on me to maintain contact!

Final exams came and went. I only had one exam I had to take after my trip back from Atlanta (thank goodness, because I really did not have time to study), so that was a relief. I’m back home now, occupying my time by packing/spring cleaning, binge-watching shows on Netflix, and reading! Is anyone else obsessed with the Elizabeth Holmes Theranos story? I devoured Bad Blood and have already listened to The Dropout podcast as well. Next up: the documentaries!

I’ve come to the conclusion that spring will be a lot of slowing down and self-reflecting. I read an article the other day about being addicted to being busy and it totally freaked me out because I strongly identify with this. I’m trying not to pack my Google Calendar with plans and learn how to be content with gaps in my schedule. It’ll be an adjustment, but I’m willing to try in order to start tackling the tougher questions in my life.

In terms of what to expect from me with the frequency of blog posts, I’ve been putting a lot of pressure on myself to post often. However, the reality is that I’m way more excited to post about something when I have actual content, and that may mean a week to a few weeks of silence on the blog. My spring isn’t looking too eventful as of right now, but who knows? You’ll have to stay tuned 😉

winter catch-up | snowpocalypse edition

Some last-minute finals exams studying! (& waffle-eating)

Oh boy, I’m so sorry for being MIA (again). I hope everyone in Seattle is staying warm despite this snowpocalypse (I’m snowed in and supposed to be frantically working on my group project).

It’s now 2019 and I know – I KNOW – being busy is so not an excuse for not blogging. It’s been nearly three full months since I last posted and I’m so sorry! I lost steam at the end there and felt pretty lost about where I wanted to direct this blog. I think losing vision is an accurate description of what’s happening. Today though, I’d love to just play catch-up, so grab a cup of coffee and sit tight!

Fall quarter was great for me; I don’t think I’ve ever had such a relaxing quarter where I’ve gotten to treat myself to things I love to do consistently. My classes weren’t too difficult and I had so much free time to explore Seattle, indulging in the arts. 

Cozying up with YOU ARE A BADASS by Jen Sincero during finals week.

Earlier during finals week, I was reading You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero, and it’s one of those books that are super trendy right now. People have asked me, “is it good? Do you recommend it?”. My honest response is that Sincero gives great advice, inspiring advice, but it’s really all about the reader and how the reader absorbs it, and what they decide to do with the advice provided. It’s easy to simply read the words in the book, but it’s a whole different level of energy required to actually apply it to your life.

One of the questions Sincero probes the reader to think about for themselves is something along the lines of “what gets you excited? Figure out what it is and go after it.” I miss creating; I miss the arts and making art. I’m pursuing a career in accounting, which is far from it. I feel like I have a lot of little side-hustles that get me excited and energetic, and always what I’d rather be doing than school. So is that what I should go after, instead of accounting? Or is that the whole point of a side-hustle, distractions to keep you entertained? 

The direction of my next five years have me thinking about, of course, the direction of this blog as well. I graduate this quarter (HOW.), so I pretty much have six months to figure out what I want to do with this blog before I start grad school. I love blog writing, and I really can’t imagine my life without it. What’s funny is, I didn’t do those checklist items you see in those “How to Start a Blog” posts. I suppose I had an initial concrete focus of Young Adult Fiction as the focus of this blog, but things change. People change. Obviously, this blog is a vague ~lifestyle~ blog as of right now, but it’s hard to create content when my life consists of work and school (how interesting can it get, really?). And after next year, just work. I’ve toyed with the idea of posting “How to” posts regarding doing well in school/work, but the ideas become recycled after awhile.

Anyway, sorry for this deep rant, I just needed to get it off my chest. You see what I mean when the options are endless??

Besides final exams week, I had a really relaxing and fun winter break. I had work from 8am-5pm, but it was pretty broken up due to the holidays. I attended holiday parties, made new friends, and went home to celebrate Christmas.

Wandering around Pike Place after my holiday party!
~trying~ to reflect on the new year with avo toast

Once 2019 rolled around, I felt a lot of pressure to “renew” myself and figure out what direction I wanted to take with this year. I came up with… nothing. I wrote some goals and focus words, but it was really hard for some reason. I should feel lucky; unlike most people, I have a pretty solid plan of what I’m doing after graduation, and what my plans are for the rest of the year. I’m not sure why, but it just doesn’t seem real to me yet, or like I still have the power to change it if I want to. And even though my path is paved for me, is it what I want it to be?

Top Pot Doughnut date with my best friend! Always the best real-talk discussions over donuts. Sidenote: they don’t sell my favorite flavor, old-fashion glazed chocolate on weekends!

When school started back up, classes didn’t help the fact that I couldn’t get into a routine; classes were being cancelled left and right, and with this snowpocalypse, I can’t predict my week, let alone three days in advance like I usually could.

Even though I’ve grown up with no-school days due to snow, I’ll always love playing in it.

Classes are really difficult this quarter, especially since I’m taking two business capstone classes. Fall quarter was too nice to me, but honestly it’s just the last sprint before the finish line. I’ve been accepted to a grad school already (!!!) so it’s nice to have that as an option. I think my mindset has just been a little muddled these past couple months so everything feels like a fog.

No promises for what’s to come on this blog, but I thought today was the perfect day to pop into the blog. Maybe I’ll see y’all again come spring break in March after I graduate!!

thankful this year | 2018

Hi everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m actually still in Seattle as this post is going up, but I’ll be home in a few hours. There was a bit of a delay in travel this year since I had mandatory dance rehearsal last night. I am so excited to be going home because it’s been six months since I was last home. My family doesn’t do the traditional American Thanksgiving with turkey and mashed potatoes; instead, we do hot pot – YUM! 😋

I know I’ll be cuddled with a book for the majority of the weekend and probably studying for the GMAT exam at a coffeeshop, but I wanted to get a blog post up for the week! I recently listened to the Ologies podcast and this week was a short one about gratitude, which reminded me that writing down what you’re grateful & thankful for makes you, over time, an overall happier person. I wanted to share a quick list of things I’m thankful for this year!

  • the appreciation for the art community in Seattle
  • Matcha green tea
  • airplanes and the ability to visit new places
  • along those lines, TSA precheck
  • my health & wellness
  • Asian representation in television & movies (thank you, Jenny Han & Kevin Kwan!)
  • Google Calendar (truly)
  • mentors!!
  • kind strangers
  • my business school
  • dancing
  • generous hosts
  • first-class-free at spin studios
  • endless options for consuming media

Although some of the things on my list are silly, I think it’s important to think about the small things too. What are some things you’re thankful for this year?

a lara jean halloween + 22

Hello hello, and happy Monday!

I hope everyone’s enjoying the day off but also taking a moment to appreciate what our veterans have done for us. 

It’s been a hot minute since I last posted, I feel like so much as happened! I spent the majority of this weekend studying for midterms round two, but the weeks before I had a lot of fun…

a lara jean halloween

Right image from To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before film

I had so much fun dressing up as Lara Jean Covey from To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before! This was my only costume and I’m so proud of it. I saw my friend wearing the sweater and instantly knew I had to use it for my costume, even if it’s not Lara’s most iconic outfit. It was so easy though! I already had a denim skirt and my friend had a cheap pair of plastic black sunglasses. I hand-wrote my envelope/letter to Peter Kavinsky and carried it around with me all night. Unsurprisingly, most of my male friends didn’t know what I was dressed up as, but that’s okay. I still had so much fun! Thanks to Jenny Han for writing a story with Asian representation 💖

turning 22

I don’t know about you, but I’m feelin’ 22!

I also celebrated my 22nd birthday! I didn’t have a 21 run, and I wasn’t about to have a 22 run either, ha. I wanted something low-key and ended up grabbing a fancy dinner at Japonessa in downtown Seattle with my best friend. I got the King Midas roll this time and loved it. Since I was still hungry, we got the Tempura Brie Cheese as well – to die for!!

I invited a group of friends to M Bar in South Lake Union since I’ve been meaning to go for awhile. I felt so lucky because it was completely dry that night! We got a table on the rooftop under a heated, covered area – it was perfect!! I feel so blessed to have such an amazing, inspiring group of #girlbosses. I was blowing out my candle on my cake and couldn’t think of anything to wish for – I’m just so content with life right now!!

Other than that, I feel like I’ve really been indulging and doing things that are good for my soul, like seeing the Pacific Northwest Ballet‘s show, All Premiere while squeezing some volunteering hours too. Earlier last week, one of my favorite artists, Troye Sivan, was also in town!! I love that boy so much!!

Troye Sivan @ The Paramount Theatre

What have you all been up to?!

Thanks for reading!