happy galentine’s day

Hello, and happy Valentine’s Day!!

Or should I say – happy Galentine’s because that’s what I primarily celebrated this weekend! Since last week was stressful with all of my exams, I pretty much had the most relaxing weekend ever.

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Earlier in the week, a few girls from my sorority and I headed over to a different sorority’s feed and enjoyed some milkshakes as a study break.

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I pretty much didn’t do any homework all day on Saturday and caught up on Riverdale and just got together with some friends. One of my good friends is working on her own passion project and wanted to interview me. We got together at Broadcast Coffee and just chatted and did a mini photoshoot. I can’t wait to see how the pictures turned out!

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Sunday was all things Galentine’s! I met up with a lovely group of ladies at Thackeray and it was the most amazing brunch experience. The whole restaurant/bar had a farm-chic vibe, which I totally loved. I wished we could have gotten seating at the gingham (!!) booths, but maybe next time.

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Yes, it was a mimosa kind of morning. So delicious!

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I ordered the biscuit + sausage gravy but really, I don’t think you could have gone wrong with any dish.

I continued celebrating Galentine’s with a different group of my girlfriends later that night by going to Hokkaido Ramen in University Village and grabbing frozen yogurt afterward. Such a treat! I think it’s so important to celebrate a good time with your closest friends, even if some of them are in relationships. Because Valentine’s Day is about celebrating all kinds of love.

What are your plans for the night? Whatever they may be, I hope y’all have a good one. Thanks for reading as always!

Jen xx



currently listening: podcasts

Hello hello!

How is everyone doing? I have to be honest – this past week was pretty stressful and really not the most fun for me. I took two midterms and also won a case competition (woohoo!) but I was so stressed that I slept restlessly. Needless to say, my brain still feels a little frazzled – it’s definitely time to de-stress. I do pride myself in still eating healthy during all of this midterm craziness though. I’ve been pretty good at staying away from sugar and still exercising regularly.

So what’s been keeping me sane? Podcasts, to be honest. I’ve been listening to a few while I get ready in the morning every day and while I’m working out. You might remember me talking about podcasts earlier from the fall, but I’ve definitely gotten back into them. I wanted to share with y’all some of my favorites today so maybe next time you’re commuting or just getting ready in the morning, you’ll be a little more educated, entertained, or thought-provoked after.

NPR Politics and NPR Up First: Before listening to these two podcasts, I always felt so out-of-the-loop about what was happening in the world. Besides seeing recent news updates on Twitter or the little right-hand column on Facebook, I really didn’t know the up-to-date information. With NPR, I could get details and listen to conversations about current events. Let me tell you – it feels good to know what’s going on (I also love NYT: The Daily‘s news updates!).

Happier with Gretchen RubinGretchen Rubin wrote The Happiness Project which I have yet to read, but I’m liking a lot of the conversations that are happening on this podcast. There are full-length episodes but also “Littles”: short, less than five-minute reminders or mottos about living a happier lifestyle.

Lady Lovin’: This one’s definitely tailored to female listeners, but it’s straight-up hilarious and I can’t even explain how much it’s like being at a sleepover with your best girlfriends. It’s hosted by three women and they have the funniest, most genuine conversations about relationships, empowerment, and being best version of yourself in general.

Hurry Slowly: I started listening to this one based on one of my favorite bloggers out there, Bella from Ciao, Bella’recommendation. It’s a great lifestyle podcast that talks about ways to slow down in a busy life. I definitely need this because I feel like my life is always go-go-go.

Girlboss Radio: Obviously. And it’s not all about girlbosses in the corporate world: it’s girlbosses everywhere. My favorite recently was when Sophia Amoruso invited author Rupi Kaur (author of Milk and Honey) on the show!

The Moth: If you love short stories, definitely give this one a go. Each episode has a certain topic and a ton of storytellers perform a story regarding that topic. These stories are usually recorded from live shows. It’s so neat!

I feel like podcasts are definitely the next big thing, if not already. Have you listened to any podcasts lately? Which ones are your favorites?

Thanks for reading,



january favorites

January Favorites 2018

Happy Wednesday, y’all!

How is it the last week of January already?! I swear just yesterday I was still making my New Year’s resolutions (how are you doing on your resolutions, by the way?). School was pretty chill for the first month but this week, things definitely ramped up. I’m in the midst of doing yet another case competition (I present tomorrow, eep!) and I have the first of my midterms next week.

I did want to share with y’all some of my favorites from January, since I discovered some new things this month that I think are worthwhile to check out.


Youtube // Over winter break, I was at home being bored and started browsing Youtube for new channels to subscribe to. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m a sucker for college Youtubers who do “day in my life” videos that show what they do on campus. It’s always so interesting to me how other college students do college at different universities! I subscribed to Allison’s channel, a bubbly, adorable gal who attends University of Floriday & also Katie’s channel, who attends University of Alabama!

Music // As most of you know, I learned the choreography to Kyle Hanagami’s How Long routine, so I’ve still been listening to that all month long. Troye Sivan’s newest single also came out in January, My My My, which I’m obsessed with. For studying, I bought a coffeeshop jazz album, which has been nice to plug into if I’m in a noisy environment while studying.

TV // Unfortunately, I didn’t get around to watching Lady Bird or Call Me By Your Name in theaters, but I did get to watch Netflix for a little bit. I got through the sixth season of Parks and Recreation! I can’t say it’s the best show ever, but I definitely see the appeal and look forward to getting around to completing the show. And of course, Riverdale started back up so I’ve been trying to keep up with that.

Book // I read Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng in January and really enjoyed it. Look out for my review in February!!

Eat & Drink 

Mr. West Cafe + Bar // I visited Mr. West over the long weekend and loved the space. It’s clean, has marble tables, and just feels like a productive space. I’d love to go back! If you frequent downtown Seattle a lot, I highly recommend!

Molly Moon’s // Obviously I’ve been loving Molly Moon’s ice cream since freshman year of college, but their seasonal winter flavor, Meyer Lemon, is BACK and y’all know that’s what I’ll be ordering instead of Earl Grey until spring.

Tulio // An accounting firm took me and a few of my peers to Tulio this month, an Italian restaurant and I absolutely fell in love with the sweet potato gnocchi appetizer. So, so amazing. I can’t stop thinking about it, to be honest!

Study Spot

My closet // Okay okay, let me explain. Every quarter, everyone in my sorority changes rooms and this quarter, I decided to save some space and moved my desk into a large closet. All the girls in my house have jokingly called me Harry Potter for the last month because of it – it’s quite cozy! It’s a pretty great study spot because I’m so isolated, haha.

That’s it for now! Did you (re)discover anything in January that became a favorite?

Thanks for reading, as always! Talk to y’all next week.




long weekend recap

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Happy Wednesday!

How is everyone’s week going? This week is particularly short for me due to the MLK holiday a few days ago. I actually wanted to recap my long weekend because even though I had to study and get a few assignments done, I did have a lot of free time.

I kicked off my Friday night with my good friend Chloe where we went out for drinks. It was super low-key and a great way to start the weekend.

The next morning, I got coffee with an old blogger friend of mine that y’all might remember, Grace from A Tiny Cup of Cake! I met her halfway through my freshman year of college and since she graduated soon after, I hadn’t seen her in what felt like forever! It was definitely a long time coming, but we finally set up a date and coffee shop to catch up at. We chose Mr. West Cafe + Bar, which I had never been to.

One thing to note about Mr. West Cafe + Bar: it’s a sit-down coffeeshop! I definitely wasn’t expecting it to be so nice but they serve breakfast and – it’s in the name – but drinks for post-work festivities. I loved it! I just ordered a latte.

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Later that night, I headed to my friend’s house since they were hosting a bonfire! Seattle was dry over the weekend (thank goodness) so it was perfect. One of the girls at the house lent me The Moth Presents: All these Wonders, which is a collection of short stories that all surround a common theme. It’s an intriguing concept, and there are Moth podcasts as well. I can’t wait to dig in soon, since I just finished reading Little Fires Everywhere.

I’m always surprised when I force myself to go socialize on a Saturday night: I came home with a pleasant, satisfied feeling. Having met new people, spent time with familiar faces and coming home with a hint of bonfire smoke in my clothes, it’s good. I retain that feeling for next time I’m not in the mood to go out and socialize.

The next day, I headed to one of my favorite coffeeshops in Capitol Hill and got some homework done. I also got to sit down and read and relax this weekend, which was my idea of the perfect long weekend. I hit up Storyville Coffee in Pike Place and found some cute walls in the area.

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I’d love to know what you did this long weekend – as always, thanks for reading!


2018 Goals


Hello, hi!

My first official post of 2018! I hope everyone had a splendid NYE – I had a wonderful time with my family back at home, but today is my first day back to school, eep! Winter break was great, but I’m actually glad mine is only two weeks; I don’t know how much more laying in bed watching Parks and Rec I can take (Type A personality problems)!

If you read my last post, you know I did some reflecting on 2017 and things I want to keep thinking about in 2018. While I don’t making “resolutions”, I do like to make goals. I feel like resolutions are just so New Years-y and they have a high rate of failure, whereas goals are more likely to be checked on throughout the year, at least for me personally.

The past couple of years, I’ve used a word/theme to head into the new year with, and I intend to do the same for 2018. For 2018, I want to:


Simple as that.

To get into more quantifiable or “SMART” goals, I’ve broken down specifically a few things I want to achieve this year. I like to share with y’all to hopefully inspire some of you but to also hold myself accountable. I’ve organized my goals into “personal” and “professional” goals for clarity, and obviously, I have a lot more personal goals I want to accomplish. Here they are:

PERSONAL: Set aside two hours every week to R&R //

I can’t stress enough how important relax & rewind time is as I head into this year. I really just want more time for myself, which probably means going to coffeeshops and reading for pleasure. I’ve already scheduled recurring events of two-hours in my week to R&R, so that’s a good start.

PERSONAL: Read at least 35 books //

In years past, I’ve been able to read 100+ books, but with classes and more obligations, I only hit 20 books in 2017 (crying!!). In 2018, I definitely want to make more time for myself to read more books, which I know I’ll be able to do because I’ll have loads of time to do so in the summer.

PERSONAL: Write a blog post every week // 

I truly truly truly love blogging. Those of you who are bloggers, I’m sure you understand how therapeutic it feels! This year, I want to focus more on my blog and not go weeks without posting something. I’m sure it’ll be much easier for me to accomplish this in the summer just because travel recap posts are pretty easy, but during the school year it’s definitely trickier because of time and lack of content/things happening in my life other than school.

PERSONAL: Workout/exercise 4-6 times a week //

I’ve been pretty consistent about working out frequently during the week, and I definitely want to keep it up. I think it’s so important for people to understand that when one exercises, it doesn’t have to be an hour long of grueling torture! I keep my workouts short, just something that gets my blood pumping and muscles sore for the next day; most of the time, I keep it under one hour so I can go about my day. It’s so much more achievable when you think about it as a minimal task to accomplish daily, just like brushing your teeth or showering.

PERSONAL: Volunteer somewhere //

This one is one of my least quantifiable goals since I’m still figuring out when I can fit it into my hectic schedule, and where I want to volunteer. In high school, I volunteered every week at my local library (I will surround myself in the presence of books any chance I can get!), so I’m thinking about volunteering at my local Seattle branch. I’ll keep y’all posted.

PERSONAL: Get to 1,000 Instagram followers //

Y’all, a few months ago I started experimenting with Instagram stories (I know, I’m so behind on the game), but they are so fun. I also recently changed my Instagram account to a business account for this blog, so we’ll see how that goes. I overall want to engage with my followers and people I follow more. 1,000 followers would be so cool, wouldn’t it?

PERSONAL: Keep dancing //

As most of y’all know, I’m a Dance minor, and I’ve been taking a dance class pretty much every quarter. However, this winter quarter, I couldn’t fit it into my class schedule. BUT I do want to keep dancing, so I’m rejoining a dance group I was part of my freshman year – so exciting! It can be as simple as choreographing something, etc. For example, over winter break, I was really obsessed with Charlie Puth’s “How Long”, and found this routine on Youtube and managed to self-learn and teach myself the choreography. It took a couple of hours in my garage, but it was so fun. I want to do more things like that!

PROFESSIONAL: Get to 500+ LinkedIn connections // 

This has been an ongoing goal of mine since I made a LinkedIn account. However, my perspective on LinkedIn has shifted a lot in my time in college: it’s not really about the number of connections but the quality. I’ve truly enjoyed reaching out to more people in the Seattle area, and while this means getting to 500, I want those remaining 100 or so to be genuine connections.

PROFESSIONAL: Get coffee with at least one professional every month //

This ties along quite nicely with my LinkedIn goal, and it’s something I’ve pretty much been doing since early sophomore year, so this goal should be pretty attainable. I love constantly learning from people, especially those who have been in the workplace for awhile.

PROFESSIONAL: Land an internship for 2019! //

I know it’s crazy to start thinking about 2019 internships already, but with accounting, a lot of students are able to know by the end of the summer to see if they get an internship for summer 2019. I hope I’m in that pool of students! Ideally, I’ll also have figured out if I want to go the audit or tax route in public accounting. Fingers crossed!

So that’s it for my 2018 goals; I’ll be sure to reference this list as frequently as possible. Eyes on the prize, people! What are your goals for 2018?

Thanks for reading,

Jen xx