october & november life updates

As you’re reading this, I’ve probably already landed in sunny California! Seattle’s been raining for the past couple of days, so I’m glad I get to escape and enjoy perfect 75-degree weather for a bit. Look out for an LA recap (and why I am in LA in the first place) to come next week! (Also:Ā how is Thanksgiving next week?!).

As I promised and hinted at in my last few posts, it’s definitely time for a life update! Think of this as a coffee catch-up – grab your favorite drink because this is going to be a little lengthier of a post!

October was incredibly hectic, but in the best way possible. My class load isn’t bad at all this quarter, and I have great friends in each class, which makes it something I look forward to every day. Classes definitely went into full swing though, which means I had to buckle down and keep up with the material (and spend copious amounts of time in the library). Honestly, there wasn’t much of a routine in October for me – I didn’t even get to celebrate Halloween and dress up because my schedule was so packed. šŸ˜­

November was a lot more eventful. My business school turned 100 this year, and so they held a centennial celebration dinner at The Westin Seattle. My school always puts up really nice dinners, where multiple corporations such as Boeing, PACCAR Inc, and Nordstrom come to speak or present. We even had the CEO of Godiva as our emcee. The mostĀ extra thing about the whole night? The ice!! Sculpture!!

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Pacific bass with potato and eggplant torta – go Dawgs!!

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The same night, my sorority hosted our feed, where the proceeds go toward our philanthropy, the Alzheimer’s Association. It’s always a fun time to have students come to our house to grab snacks.

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Just a boy and his dino nuggets!!!

I “celebrated” my 21st birthday this month as well, albeit in the library. I had that tax midterm that I had to study for, but a group of girls in my sorority surprised me by bringing a cupcake, birthday party hats, and a FAT birthday balloon to the library (that thing is currently in my room and is going to take forever to deflate), and utterly embarrassing me by whisper-singing the birthday song to me. Not going to lie, it sort of made my day though.


One of the things I love about UW’s Panhellenic community is that they really are making an effort to diversify the Greek community. There is a Diversity Chair who sits on the Panhellenic Executive Council, and they decided to start a book club! I hopped on itĀ immediately because I can’t say no to great discussions, meeting new people, and free books. This month, we’re readingĀ I Am Malala, which I’ve been meaning to pick for forever. I’m definitely looking forward to curling up with the book over Thanksgiving Break and meeting back up with everyone after the break to discuss. Our first meeting was wonderful – we met at a coffee shop at night and they treated us to a drink of our choice.


Then it was time for big/little reveal! Our reveal is one week long, where the bigs basically shower the littles with gifts each day, and the reveal happens on the last night. It was so fun decorating and putting all the aesthetic pieces together. My favorite part? Not having to dance around the bushes anymore – I get to spend all the time in the world with my little šŸ’–

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Another little exciting thing from this month? I’ve officially declared another minor: Informatics! Ever since taking my first informatics class, studying abroad in the UK and looking at high-tech, information and big data have never felt more pressing and relevant. I know I want to keep learning about the topic because it’s only going to become more important in the upcoming years, so I declared it. I would still be graduating “on time” (within four years total of undergraduate education), so why not?

Lastly, I had the privilege of attending an exclusive boardroom discussion with executives from Alaska Airlines when they came to our school last week. To be honest, it was pretty intimidating because there were C-Suite executives there and a ton of MBA students. However, it was incredibly engaging as we discussed the acquisition of Virgin America and how they’re marketing to their new audience and adjusting to cultural differences. I got the nerve at the end to talk to the CIO and asked about – you guessed it – disruptive technologies and how Alaska will be implementing them in the future. It was a different way about learning about a company, and I feel truly honored that I was able to be part of the discussion about Alaska’s future.

So that’s it for now! I don’t think I missed anything; what’s going on in your life?

Thanks for reading!

Jen x


founder’s day outfit

Happy Saturday!

I hope everyone’s had a wonderful week and start to the weekend. The temperature weirdly dropped all of a sudden in Seattle, and it actually snowed a ton yesterday. Let me tell ya, fall leaves and snow are not a great mix.

This weekend, I’m stuck at the library studying for my tax midterm. I was able to take a little breather yesterday though at my sorority’s Founder’s Day banquet. I always love getting more dressed up than usual! Here’s what I wore:


Dress // Flats // Pearl Necklace (similar)

It’s pretty traditional to wear pastel colors for sorority events: they’re delicate and quiet which brings a lot of class to any occasion. So many girls in my sorority have shopped at TobiĀ before and now I can see why!Ā I’m obsessed with the scallop cut on the sleeves and trim of the dress. I’m so sad I couldn’t find a pair of similar flats though since I got them at Nordstrom Rack just last month! They’reĀ Nine West, which is a trusty brand for sure. They have theĀ slightest heel, and I love the clicking sound it makes when I walk places.

I’ve forgotten how fun it is writing about style posts – it’s hard to find photographers, time to meet up, and a nice day in Seattle now that winter is coming, but I’m definitely going to make an effort to write more of these because they’re so fun. I hope you enjoy them just as much as I do!

Thanks for reading!

Jen x


**ThanksĀ Tobi for sending me the dress in exchange for an honest opinion!


focus in the fall

How was everyone’s week? This week was my first full week of classes and while my class load is somewhat lighter this quarter, I’m still exhausted. I’m definitely still adjusting to a lot of aspects of routine. I thought I’d empty my thoughts a little here today.

Since coming back from Europe, I’ve been catching up with a lot of friends, new and old, and it’s brought to light a lot of things I want to focus on this fall, especially after so much spontaneity and irregular routine in traveling.

  • Mindfulness: I had a great conversation with a friend I met through a mutual friend, and she’s a certified yoga instructor who lived in a monastery this summer. She herself was trying to get back into the routine of mindfulness, and I thought that was something I wanted to get into as well. I tried meditating last month with theĀ Headspace app and really enjoyed it.
  • Values: I like to think I hold pretty truly to my values. Sure, traveling this summer tested a lot of those values – even stretched them – but I want to reign my values back in and refocus on what I think matters to me in my life. I’ve met people who have challenged my values, which is great, but as a foundation, I know my values are who I am and how I explain myself to other people. I do want to continue exploring why I value such things, but I want to remember why I stay true to them.
  • Career:Ā Getting back into the swing of things in Seattle means getting back into recruiting. I’ve done a pretty good job of keeping that as a main focal point so far: I’ve been scheduling coffee dates with professionals and connecting back with people I talked to last year. On the side, I’ve been making the time to develop skills and knowledge by reading non-fiction/business/self-help books. On my to-read list are books likeĀ Quiet by Susan Cain (currently reading),Ā Presence by Amy Cuddy, andĀ Onward by Howard Schultz.
  • Learning:Ā This ties back into the books I have on my to-read list, but I want to keep learning outside of my classes as well. When people hear the word “learning”, they automatically think of it in an academic setting, but it doesn’t always have to be. I’ve set it upon myself to get into podcasts! I listened to a few during my freshman year, but I definitely want to start back up again. I want to try to listen to them when I work out or when I’m walking to classes. Just to name a few, I haveĀ Freakonomics Radio,Ā Modern Love, andĀ Girlboss Radio loaded on my phone.

Whew, there’s so much running through my mind but I think I got out what I needed today. I’m hoping this list keeps me accountable, or at least serves as a reminder that I can refer to when I’m losing that focus for the rest of the year.

What are y’all focusing on this fall?

Thanks for reading,


five things i miss about the states


Happy Wednesday!

Last week, I really got back into the swing of blogging and whipped out like five posts in the span of two days, which never happens anymore. My family came out to Europe to visit me and we’ve already seen Prague and Vienna! Definitely keep your eyes peeled for those travel posts…

Since I’ve been gone from the states for nearly two months now, I’ve been getting pretty nostalgic and missing a lot about the States. First on my list?Ā Top Pot Doughnuts. I know, I know, I’ve indulged in croissants from Italy and macarons from Paris, but one of my closest friends Hannah has been snapping me pictures of TPD and it legitimately makes me so homesick, especially because it’s our favorite spot together! So I guess, technically, I miss TPD + Hannah!

Next on my list has to be – wait for it –Ā Nordstrom. I feel so lame admitting this but it’s true! What with the anniversary sale happening and all, I do miss being able to walk into the Nordstrom in downtown Seattle and browsing the shoes. Oh especially the shoes!

After that it has to be just overallĀ routine. Hopping from country to country is amazing and all, but I’m your Type-A kind of gal; I need to have structure! I must say that traveling has really taught me to be more spontaneous, and there’s been many opportunities for spontaneity, but I really do miss the routine I have during the school year.

Y’all are going to laugh at this one next: I miss the my school’sĀ business library. I’m such a nerd, why am I like this?? I spend so many hours in that gosh dang library all year that it feels like a piece of myself is missing because of it. I’m embarrassingly excited to return to all its glory in the fall. To add on though, I miss American public libraries in general. I had my fair share of bookstores in Paris, but I just miss being able to browse through books written in English.

Lastly, I missĀ working out. When I packed for this three-month trip, I purposefully didn’t bring workout clothes because I wanted to enjoy myself and not have to think about being “fit”. Little did I know that working out makes me happy!! I guess I forgot what those endorphins can do for the body. I miss dancing in a studio, doing pilates, and even running. What with all the carbs, desserts, gelato… oh man. I can’t wait to put on my tennis shoes in the fall.

Ha, am I crazy for missing these five things?




last coffee in seattle (for now): anchorhead coffee

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Happy Friday!

As you’re reading this, I’m most likely already in Greece! After finishing my exams on Monday, I’ve spent the last few days running errands and tying up some loose ends in preparation for leaving the states. One of my good friends (s/o to Tanner!) recommended I hit up Anchorhead Coffee in Seattle. I knew for myself that I wanted it to be my last coffee in Seattle.

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I took the bus to Anchorhead – it’s right next to the Westlake station stop, and at first I was a little confused because it’s in the same complex as a business. Right when I walked in, I got the business-man-on-lunch-break vibe. Still, I ordered their Quaffle (cinnamon roll made in a waffle-maker) and an iced latte, and sat down with my Kindle at the bar.

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The barista got my order wrong but they were super friendly and fixed it immediately, and I really enjoyed the food itself. But in the hour I sat their reading my book, groups of professionals came in and out to grab coffee really quick, chatted with their co-workers, and then left the coffee shop to go back upstairs to work. So yes, it felt like a very professional environment. I feel like it would be a great place to be productive since they have tables and leather office chairs, but it’s not the best to sit down and read a book to relax in.