navy in the pearl

Hello hello!

For all my readers who celebrate, I hope y’all had a wonderful Christmas yesterday. I myself spent my Christmas Eve sleeping in until noon and finishing my favorite book of all time, Anna and the French Kiss. My older sister came home for Christmas so we were all able to open presents together and watch Christmas movies – it was a lovely time.

Last week, my good friend Maggie from my sorority and I spent a fun day together in the Pearl District of Portland. A year ago, we went to Tea Bar, so we vowed to do the same again this holiday break. Funnily enough, you can read my post from exactly one year ago here.

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For those who don’t know, Tea Bar is a wonderfully delicious tea place, serving yummy pastries and bubble tea. My go-to is the Lavender Bubble Milk Tea and the rose croissant. It’s not cheap though, be warned! Definitely a splurge treat.

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Maggie and I weren’t the only ones having a photoshoot inside Tea Bar: practically every customer who came in had a DSLR strapped around their neck. It’s a pretty aesthetic place, I have to admit. I always joke that Tea Bar doesn’t need a social media marketing team, because their customers do the job.

After, Maggie and I walked around Portland to shoot some outfit pictures! The Pearl District is really beautiful and clean. It was freezing, but bloggers gotta blog.

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I am positively obsessed with this ruffle-sleeve top. It’s from Banana Republic, and I just feel super cheery when I put it on. I had to pair it with my white jeans because regular jeans or black ones would be way too dark. And of course, a pair of slate grey booties!

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After walking around the district, we decided to try going on a rooftop for a different perspective. We found a parking garage and went to the very top. The view was gorgeous!

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And that’s a wrap! Have you been to Tea Bar? What pieces have you been donning this holiday break?

Thanks for reading, y’all. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for my 2017 wrap up!

Jen xx


inspiration from unexpected places

Hello everyone!

I had to take a mini-break because this week was incredibly hectic. I had my tax midterm (that really didn’t go as well as I thought it would, but I’m fine, this is fine), and big/little week. I was in a crazy good mood the entire week, which felt amazing. It all started with getting up at 5:40am to register for my classes and then watching the sunrise (it was absolutely gorgeous!!). I felt like I was thriving all week long.

This upcoming week, I’ll be going to Los Angeles! More on the reason why in a later blog post, but basically, there will be business networking involved. I’ve been planning what to pack and I actually remembered a really beautiful outfit — wait for it — a recruiter wore once that I absolutely loved. I wanted to recreate it for my networking outfit that I’ll be in for LA. Sometimes, you get inspired from the most unexpected places.











Cardigan (similar) // Skirt (similar and similar) // Nude heels // Necklace (similar)

All of my pieces in this outfit are pretty old, but that’s the best part: styling old pieces to form a new outfit! The key here is to find a form-fitting cardigan that can be buttoned all the way up and tucked into a skirt. I’ve never thought to wear a cardigan buttoned all the way because it looks very conservative. But tucked in, it looks very put-together and neat. Ann Taylor always has a great selection of cardigans.

My skirt is one that I hold near and dear to my heart, because I traveled with it for all three months this summer in Europe. It’s elegant, light, and formal.

My nude pumps are a favorite of mine – Nine West does an amazing job designing classic, professional shoes.

What do y’all think? I think this outfit is still professional but definitely more on the “smart casual” side. I’m so excited to wear it this week!

Thanks for reading,

Jen x


founder’s day outfit

Happy Saturday!

I hope everyone’s had a wonderful week and start to the weekend. The temperature weirdly dropped all of a sudden in Seattle, and it actually snowed a ton yesterday. Let me tell ya, fall leaves and snow are not a great mix.

This weekend, I’m stuck at the library studying for my tax midterm. I was able to take a little breather yesterday though at my sorority’s Founder’s Day banquet. I always love getting more dressed up than usual! Here’s what I wore:


Dress // Flats // Pearl Necklace (similar)

It’s pretty traditional to wear pastel colors for sorority events: they’re delicate and quiet which brings a lot of class to any occasion. So many girls in my sorority have shopped at Tobi before and now I can see why! I’m obsessed with the scallop cut on the sleeves and trim of the dress. I’m so sad I couldn’t find a pair of similar flats though since I got them at Nordstrom Rack just last month! They’re Nine West, which is a trusty brand for sure. They have the slightest heel, and I love the clicking sound it makes when I walk places.

I’ve forgotten how fun it is writing about style posts – it’s hard to find photographers, time to meet up, and a nice day in Seattle now that winter is coming, but I’m definitely going to make an effort to write more of these because they’re so fun. I hope you enjoy them just as much as I do!

Thanks for reading!

Jen x


**Thanks Tobi for sending me the dress in exchange for an honest opinion!


one dress, two ways

Hi again!!

It’s officially November and I couldn’t be more stoked. November is my birthday month, and if most of you didn’t know, I’ll be turning 21! There’s a lot of pressure to host a 21-run, but honestly, I’d be content with a nice, classy dinner with good company and good food (and watching The Bold Type, my favorite TV show at the moment!!). I’m looking at going to a nice restaurant downtown and of course, since lots of photos will be taken, I was figuring out my outfit for the night.

I found this dress from Tobi that could be dressed two ways. Here’s what I came up with:

The classy dinner outfit:


Dress // Blazer // Hoop earrings // Black velvet pumps

This is definitely what I’d call a “smart casual” look: I’m wearing a fitted blazer with ruched sleeves so it makes the outfit look extra put-together. The pointy-toed velvet pumps are ones that I use for a lot of my business professional outfits; I think they’re just short enough to be acceptable but still trendy with the studs.

The dressy outfit:


Shoes (similar)

This dress stands really well on its own, especially the back!! Look at the lace-up!! It definitely requires having a girlfriend to be of assistance while putting the dress on, but it’s so worth it. I threw on some open-toed pumps with thick heels (a must!) that give me a lot of needed height.

What do y’all think? We’ll see which outfit I end up choosing for my 21st birthday, depending on my festivities, I suppose.

Thanks for reading!

Jen x

**Thanks to Tobi for providing me with the dress in exchange for an honest opinion!**

a formal occasion

Hello hello, and happy Halloween!

Can you believe it’s already the end of October?! My bad, it’s been nearly a month since I’ve posted. I think I needed a break from blogging since, for awhile there, I was just cranking out travel post after travel post for my study abroad program and it got mildly exhausting. I also just got super busy with school and extracurriculars – but more on a life update later.

In between classes, hosting information sessions for club activities, working, getting coffee with professionals, team meetings, I do try to have fun every once in awhile. Every quarter, my sorority hosts a formal dance. For fall quarter, it’s known as the boat formal! Super fancy and fun – it’s definitely my favorite formal every year. This year, I took one of my good friends Jo who I met during my London study abroad program. I always love giving my friends who aren’t involved in Greek life a taste of what it’s like.

My only problem? I barely brought any fancy dresses with me to school this year. I didn’t have time to go shop for a dress beforehand because I was so busy – making the trip to downtown Seattle would have been a hassle. Luckily, I knew a few girls who frequently ordered dresses from Tobi I picked out a dress I normally wouldn’t wear; I’ve never worn body-con dresses until I found this one that makes me feel confident and allowed me to dance the night away.


Dress // Hoop Earrings // Rose Gold Block Heels

I love the cut of this dress, especially the geometric lines and shapes. Funnily enough, the hoop earrings I’m wearing are actually ones I bought from London. Y’all, I could probably write a whole post about how hoops are changing my life: they are instant confidence-boosters! I feel like I can conquer the world and accomplish anything in my hoops.

Finally, I was at Nordstrom Rack when I stumbled upon those beautiful Steve Madden Carrson Sandals! I had been wanting a pair for so long and found these rose gold ones for less than $35 – that’s unheard of!! I had to snatch them for formal.

Here’s a few (lower quality) photos from my fun night:

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Look out for more posts to come this month – amidst all my busy-ness, I want to stay connected with y’all!

Thanks for reading,

Jen x

*Thanks Tobi for providing me with the dress in exchange for an honest opinion!*