britain study abroad // 01

Hello! As most of you know, I’ll be starting my Britain study abroad program in just a few days. I can barely contain my excitement! I’ve been staying in the UK for the past week, and I can already tell you that I love British people.

As part of this program, I will have assignments that need to be completed, but when I saw that a majority of it includes writing blog posts summarizing each company visit, I was beyond thrilled because obviously, I’ve been a blogger of six (!!) years now! We will be visiting technology companies in the UK like Amazon, 3D Print UK, F5 Networks, and more. Keep your eyes peeled for those posts!

Before I start my program, I want to discuss what I’ll be expecting as well as my goals:

The Company Visits

I am truly looking forward to the company visits, as I want to learn as much as I can during this program. Some companies I’ve heard of, some I have not. Regardless, even though I was assigned to research and compile a company briefing for 3D Print UK, I still want to do my own research on each company in addition to listening to my classmates’ presentations. I think this will instigate my questions and put my learning to its greatest potential. The more knowledge I have about a company, the more questions I’ll be able to ask.

Because we’ll be visiting around 10 companies, I expect that I’ll be vigorously taking notes in order to remember the details for my blog posts and future reflection paper. I also tend to absorb information better if I am writing it down rather than just listening.

Business etiquette in the UK is focused on punctuality and it actually seems like they are more formal overall, but I’m looking forward to visiting companies that differ in their structure and operations, like 3D Print UK, which has less than ten employees.

I hope that each company visit will inspire me to look into a new topic every time, and allow me to decide which industry I enjoy the most. I am intrigued by technology, and because Seattle is a fast-growing tech city, I am looking forward to comparing London & Seattle’s economic and technological growth.

The Culture & People

In my almost full week of spending time in the UK so far, I already really enjoy the people. Did you know that most people say “cheers” in place of “thank you” here? I absolutely love that. Even though the UK is an English-speaking country, I expect there to be some lingo differences, but not too much else. So far, I haven’t been called out for being “American”, but I’m nervous as I start living in London that the people in the city will start inquiring about the tumultuous state America is in at the moment, which I’d rather avoid talking about. However, I’ve been following British news on BBC every morning as I eat breakfast and the updates on Brexit are a rollercoaster ride itself – I’ll continue following it closely.

I definitely want to live in the UK at some point in my life, so I want the most genuine experience I can get, and that starts with being open-minded. It’s easier said than done, but earlier this summer in my Rome study abroad program, I realized that I was able to enjoy the city so much because a) I was living like a local and b) I was quite open-minded and relaxed. I hope to repeat that mindset in my time in Britain.

That’s all for now, talk soon!



it doesn’t hurt to try


Happy Friday!

Yeah… whoops! I haven’t posted in exactly a month, and I deeply apologize!

After spring quarter started, everything has been absolutely crazy. I only have classes twice a week, but somehow, my time has been occupied with my (very stressful) finance class, extracurriculars, and maybe too many coffee dates. I just finished my round of midterms and eeep, y’all, spring quarter is over in just a few weeks and then I’m off to the best summer ever abroad in Europe! (Post about travels plans coming soon!)

Today I wanted to talk about something that happened earlier this quarter. I meant to write this when it was fresh in my head, but (see above), I’ve been busy. As most of you know, I’m studying accounting right now in college and started the recruiting process early. If you’re not familiar with the accounting recruiting process, it’s basically where students meet with professionals from the public accounting firms and start networking to them to see if they’re a good fit for the firm, and eventually interview to see if they get accepted into the firms’ leadership programs, internships, or full-time positions.

I had an amazing mentor this year who really allowed and inspired me to go for stuff. I’ve been disappointed and let-down before when applying to things and getting rejected because I was too young. To be honest though, I’m numb to rejection now; I still can’t decide if it’s a good thing or not to be “numb”, but I like to think that I’m resilient. I had the opportunity earlier this year to apply to a ton of things even though I wasn’t “qualified” (graduation year, necessary education), but my mentor still encouraged me to apply. She said, “You never know”. So I did.

Just a few weeks ago, I got an offer at one of the public accounting firms that I really love. I few weeks after, I got another offer. I was shocked. This – all of this – is what I get for just trying?

If it weren’t for my mentor, I wouldn’t have felt this success and achievement. And that’s just it – you will never know if you don’t try. It doesn’t hurt to try – unless you’re wounded easily. I think it’ll be a different growth process for everyone because some people have a hard shell like me, and some are a little softer and aren’t used to rejection yet. But trying it out, learning the feeling of what rejection feels like, toughens the skin like nothing else.

summer plans: studying abroad, part two!!!

Whew, happy Monday, y’all!

Last week was the first week of spring quarter and it was HECTIC. The cherry blossoms bloomed on campus and it has never attracted more tourists, I swear. As for my sanity, you’d think syllabus week would be relaxing and not stressful yet, but silly me decided to partake in a business case competition (I did the same one last year and got third out of 25 teams), so that’s where my free time has been going. It’s been super fun working with new friends in the business school though, and I’m learning so much throughout the process.

Earlier in the week, I got a pleasant little surprise to kick off the quarter! You may recall from back in February that I posted about my plans to study abroad in Rome this summer, which I’m super excited about (I’m taking a conversational Italian class right now to prepare!). At the time of applications, I had also re-applied to the Britain program I was rejected from last year, and wasn’t really expecting to hear back from them, and even forgot about it.

Lo and behold, I heard back from them this week, and yep – I WAS ACCEPTED! Y’all, there’s no better feeling than failing, working hard to get better, and being successful as a result of working hard. No better feeling.

I happily accepted, which means I’ll be studying not only in Rome this summer, but also London! Of course, I’ll be traveling all over Europe (get HYPED for my travel posts this summer, y’all!!). Time to start saving up 🙄

Photo courtesy of Unsplash – I’m getting so excited to study in the beautiful city of London 😍


Any favorite sites or eats that y’all recommend?

Have a wonderful week!


it was the best of times, it was the worst of times

Hello, and happy President’s Day!

Classes were cancelled today because of the holiday, and thank goodness for that. Last week was probably one of the hardest of the quarter so far, and I really needed the three-day break. On Saturday, I was able to make some plans to get donuts with my work wife Hannah and y’all, I always have the best conversations with her (and overall have the best mems with her).

We ate our donuts, drank our London Fogs, and read our books (for fun!), but most importantly, we talked. Our conversations always prompt me to think about again later – to reflect and introspect more than I usually do.

As winter quarter draws to an end, Hannah’s really been there for me. To put it simply, this quarter has been really tough. And as the title of this post quotes from Mr. Dickens, “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times…”

I started off winter quarter ready to jump into my new classes. I’m sure everyone was rejuvenated after making their new year resolutions – I know I sure was. A few weeks into the quarter though, I got hit with the bug that everyone seems to be getting (at least in Seattle), and I’ve had a cough for the past five weeks. I know, I know, I’m starting to suspect I have acute bronchitis, and I promise I’m going to go the see health center on campus this week!

But back to the point – it’s been affecting my sleep, my performance, but luckily, not my social life. But my persistent coughs aren’t the worst of it. I’m taking five classes this quarter, which is the most I’ve done but I thought I could handle it just fine at the start of the quarter (I mean, two of them are dance classes).

My mistake. I’ve been loaded with group projects, homework readings, assignments, and never-ending exams. I’ve never had a tougher quarter. It’s not that each individual class is hard at all: it’s the combination of them all together. I got my exams back one after the other and my self-esteem dropped every time. It hit me – I probably won’t be making Dean’s List this quarter.

This is a really low blow for me because I’ve made Dean’s List every quarter in college so far. I was jokingly – but not really – telling my friends that I was trough-ing this quarter, academically. I have high expectations for myself, and seeing myself perform so low has me re-evaluating what’s going on this quarter.

Of course, it’s always the same problem: I’m spread too thin and I’m not leaving enough time to study. I look at my Google Calendar and I really only have time to study and do homework for three hours at night before having to go to bed by midnight. That simply isn’t enough time for the five classes I am taking.

Did I fail myself this quarter? Maybe. This is hopefully the lowest quarterly GPA I’ll ever get – but I have to remember, so many amazing things happened during winter quarter, too.

To start off, I was able to travel to Los Angeles for a weekend for my sorority’s leadership conference and met up with Katherout (I’m in her vlog!!), one of my role models for sure. And then I interviewed and was accepted to study abroad in ROME in the first half of summer – truly a dream come true. And after declaring my dance minor, I auditioned for a Master’s Faculty dance concert and got a role!

In addition to my accomplishments, I really pushed myself to build my network this quarter. I have been getting coffee with at least one professional every week and learning about options for my future career. Socially? I felt like I found my place in my sorority with my wonderful roommates. Of course, there are certain friendships that have grown stronger and locked themselves in my friends-I-want-to-keep-forever group.

So, yes, it’s been the worst of times, but also the best. I think it’s important that I experienced failure this quarter, because it’s setting me up for what’s to come: growth and success.

I hope to finish off winter quarter – whatever that may look like – knowing I tried my hardest but also being sure I enjoyed my quarter. I want to enter spring quarter with a relaxed mindset, and to not let my lower performance from this quarter drag me down into the spring.

After all, you can’t have your ups without your downs!

Have a wonderful week,


summer plans: studying abroad!!

Hello everyone!

I am currently SWAMPED with schoolwork  – I have two huge midterms coming up alongside a major group presentation, but I wanted to pop in to let you all know about something EXCITING that happened to me last week!

I tweeted out that I had been accepted to a competitive business study abroad program for this summer. The location?


I am beyond excited!! This will be my first time going abroad in more than 10 years, can you believe that? It’ll take place during the first half of summer and I found out that 4-5 of my friends got into the program as well. I’ll be taking two business classes and visiting companies in Rome, Florence, and more. Unfortunately, this does mean I’ll have to give up internship opportunities, but I think studying abroad in Europe will be worth it!

Being accepted into this program meant so much to me, because I really worked hard to make my application the best it could be. If you remember from last year, I was rejected from a Britain study abroad program and I was devastated. Learn from your mistakes, people, and seek out resources! I’ve learned that hard work and intention does pay off. This acceptance was that much more satisfying because I know that I’ve grown as a person since then.

I can’t believe the trip is so far away (4 months seems so long!), but in the meantime, I’ll be Pinning all things Rome, learning a little Italian, rewatching the Lizzie McGuire movie, and reading up on Rome history and architecture!

(All photos courtesy of Unsplash)


If you have any fun Rome recommendations, let me know!!