dear copenhagen

Hey again!

My family and flew Norwegian Airlines from Budapest to Copenhagen, Denmark. I was super excited about Copenhagen just because my mentor studied abroad there and absolutely loved it. After coming from Budapest, my family and I were SO ready for cooler weather. We stayed pretty far from the city center in a small town called Lyngby in the Scandic Eritmitage. It was a cute little hotel, right next to a few shopping centers.

We arrived in Copenhagen pretty late but we all wanted sushi, so we stopped by at the Sticks n Sushi near our hotel. When we were seated, we saw that the sushi was way too overpriced. The menu looked amazing, but it just wasn’t something we wanted to pay for. We slipped out and went to eat at the Butterfly Restaurant instead, where I ordered a salmon fettuccine (I’m a HUGE sucker for salmon in pasta, in case you haven’t noticed).


The next morning, we ate breakfast at the hotel (live love buffet breakfasts) and then took the train to Frederiksborg Castle. One thing I must say about the Copenhagen trains is that they are so much better than most trains! The seats are so cushion-y and overall a better experience (Seattle, get on it). When we got to the lake next to the castle, we were in awe. It’s gorgeous out there and we opted to take a boat to the castle. It started to sprinkle a bit when we were on the boat and I was low-key triggered (tbt to the Milos boat ride).


We spent a long time just walking around the castle – there was so much to see, and it was so gorgeous! It was pretty brisk and windy that day, but it was so worth it. Eventually, we went inside. I don’t know much about Danish royal history at all, but it was really cool to look at!




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We headed out of the castle for lunch and randomly picked Café Valentin. It ended up being really good, they pretty much serve every and all types of comfort food. Since we loved the Frederiksborg Castle so much, we went back after lunch and walked around the perimeter of the lake this time to the adjacent garden, the Frederiksborg Slotspark. Absolutely stunning, and one of most beautiful parks ever.


We took the train to the city center because I wanted to see Nyhavn, the 17th century canal waterfront in Copenhagen! When we got to the center of the city, we noticed a ton of bikes, like so many!! The row of colorful buildings was so adorable. We didn’t spend a long time there though because we got hungry and made our way to dinner.


While we were waiting for our train to come, two Chinese girls approached my family, asking us how to buy tickets back to Sweden. They had tried buying tickets but their card wouldn’t work and wanted us to buy the tickets for them, since they didn’t have any Danish Krones on them. Y’all, pro tip: never travel to a foreign country without having some of that country’s currency in cash form!! It was so frustrating trying to help them because they didn’t know the area very well and overall didn’t know what they were doing – they had to be younger than 18 years old. I ended up walking them over to the Metro station to help them by tickets, and thankfully, their card worked and we let them go find their way back to Sweden. It was annoying at the time since we spent more than half an hour helping them when we were hungry and just wanted dinner, but in the end, #randomactsofkindness. It never hurts to help other people!

We finally made it to Wagamama, yet another ramen place (can you tell I love ramen?). The ramen was really good but pretty expensive; I’d say nothing beats Seattle’s Kizuki Ramen.

The next morning, we had breakfast at the hotel again and then took a few buses to Kronborg Castle up north. It’s so crazy because once you get there, you can literally see Sweden across the water! The area was so refreshing; there’s something about docks, boats, and water that I just love. The castle itself wasn’t as magnificent as the Fredericksborg though: we went inside and everything looked very staged and unnatural. Something super cool though was that they were showing reenactments of Shakespeare’s Hamlet right in the center of the castle all summer, so I watched the first scene. It was pretty funny actually, and the actors interacted with the audience beforehand.


After visiting the castle, we grabbed a quick lunch at one of the restaurants near the water, where I had my first fish and chips! I had wanted to try it for the first time in London, but whatever – I loved it. Then we took the bus back toward Copenhagen, where we visited The Little Mermaid bronze sculpture. There were a ton of tourists, but we were able to enjoy some ice cream by the water. Copenhagen is seriously so, so pretty!


We walked to the Amalienborg Palace and tried to see the changing of the guard. They were pretty much just standing guard the entire time we were there. It’s a really gorgeous square though! We made our way to The King’s Garden and were able to walk outside but we couldn’t go inside since it was already closed. For dinner, we went to Dalle Valle. Can y’all guess what I ordered? Yep – fettuccine with salmon. I will NEVER tire of pasta, even after a month in Italy!!


On our last morning in Copenhagen, we checked out of our hotel and made our way to Tivoli! I had no idea it was a garden PLUS an amusement park! It was so cute – it felt like Disneyland but less branded. (Also, Tivoli backwards is I Lov It!) We finished off Copenhagen by walking down the longest shopping strip in Europe, Stroget. It was pretty underwhelming though, to be honest.


Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetIMG_1063

All in all, I really loved Copenhagen. I would definitely go back and visit, probably when I have a solid job because it is SUCH an expensive city! More so than Paris for sure. People in Copenhagen are so nice though (and very blonde-haired and blue-eyed); I got a great sense of their culture when I was there! I have to say that Copenhagen is up there with my favorite cities of Europe so far. So long, Copenhagen!



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