dear budapest

Hey, it’s me, writing again! What are you all up to this weekend? As this post is going up, I’m probably somewhere on my way to the UK! But that’s for a later time – onto my Budapest recap!

I haven’t seen The Grand Budapest Hotel, but I was sad to see that it’s not a real place. I was still looking forward to visiting Hungary though just because I literally knew nothing about the country! After getting off yet another train from Vienna, we made our way to our apartment. It was stifling hot in Budapest, y’all. As our apartment host led us to our room, we were dripping in sweat. The apartment itself was cute and new, but there wasn’t air conditioning.

For lunch, we went to Menza, an authentic Hungarian restaurant that was really nice but also had no AC (at this point, we realized that it was going to be a regular thing). I got the Hungarian Beef Stew with Homemade Pasta and ohmygoodness, it was so heavenly. Probably one of the best meals I’ve had this trip!!


Afterward, we took a bus across the Chain Bridge and took the funicular up to the Buda Castle complex. We got pretty high up, and the view of Pest (Budapest is bisected by the River Danube, splitting into the Buda district and Pest district!). We took our time walking around the outside of the complex, and for some reason, I was so, so sleepy while walking around (probably from not sleeping on the trains and instead working on blog posts!). I ended up taking a quick 20-minute nap on a bench, haha.





Next, we made our way up to the Trinity Square, which has the beautiful Matthias Church and Fishermen’s Bastion. A lot of beautiful views, for sure! We spent a few hours there before heading back down. Since we bought a 24-hour metro ticket, we decided to take the M2 and just went around the city by train and saw a lot of the city with that. Overall, Budapest just seems like a very hot version of Paris; there’s actually quite a lot of people in this city!



For dinner, we went to the Café New York Restaurant, which is deemed “the most beautiful café in the world”! Once we set foot inside, I could see why. The ceilings are beautifully adorned with frescoes, just like in a museum. The chandeliers, orchestra, staircases, everything. I was in love. The dinner… not so much. It was really pricy for how weird the food tasted. We got a dessert which was quite good, but other than that, the café is definitely known for its aesthetics.




That night was probably the most uncomfortable night’s sleep ever. I don’t think I’ve ever been forced to sleep in such heat! Since there was no AC, it was around 85 degrees in our apartment. Right when I got out of the shower, I started sweating again and had to take a cold shower right before going to sleep. We had to shut the windows for security, so I was literally dying. I never want to experience that again.

The next morning, we got on a plane to Copenhagen! To wrap up, I want to say that I really enjoyed Budapest. There isn’t much to see other than the sweeping view of the River Danube, but I just liked the overall vibes of the city, probably because it felt so much like Paris, just a sweltering version!


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