dear prague

Hello again! I can’t believe I’ve actually managed to post every day for a week straight. I’ve forgotten it’s tiring, but so, so fun.

Next up? Prague! I flew to Prague on my own, hassle-free, and arrived an hour before my parents and my twin showed up! I hadn’t seen my sister in nearly 6 months, the longest we’d been apart. It was just like old times, catching up with her. We hopped in a taxi and drove to our apartment we rented out for the next few days in Prague 1, Old Town. Driving through the city, I was struck with the beauty of Prague! It kind of reminded me of Paris, but slightly different. The buildings are beautifully adorned and detailed, but there are less awnings and coffee shops for sure. For dinner that night, my parents were craving Asian food (as always), so we randomly picked one to eat at, which was just alright.

The next morning, we went to Home Kitchen, a super cute coffee shop that actually has an extensive menu and ended up being super delicious. I ordered a cappuccino, scrambled eggs, and a fruit + yogurt bowl, and was stuffed. After, our first stop was the Astronomical Clock. When we got to the square, it was filled with people, tourists, and entertainers. However, the clock was under construction, it was so sad! We could barely even see it, let alone go up it.


We made our way to the Charles Bridge and took our sweet time crossing it. It’s a huge bridge with plenty of artists and performers set up to entertain people who are walking across it, I loved it! The musicians were particularly amazing. Right before you cross it, there’s Prague’s version of the love locks. The view on the bridge is stunning, y’all. You can see the Prague Castle and it’s many teal and burnt-orange rooftops!


We walked up toward the Prague Castle in the hot afternoon sun, but it was so worth it! We didn’t actually go inside the halls of the castle, but walking on the premise itself was enough. After having been to so many European churches/cathedrals, I’ve noticed that they’ve all started to blur together, so I’m pretty much done looking at those.


We stopped by the Franz Kafka Museum gift shop because why not?? I read Kafka’s The Metamorphosis in high school and didn’t love it, but respected it enough that I wanted to see the museum. For dinner, we went to Nostalgie Restaurant! It had pretty good reviews online, so I ordered a beef/cranberry meal, and it turned out to be really good. The waiter was low-key creepy though and kept hitting on me and my sister.


After dinner, we wanted to see the sun set over the Vlatva River on the Charles Bridge, but it was too cloudy. My mom and I grabbed gelatos at Amorino since we were already in the area (yes, the same rose gelato place from Barcelona!) and I was #blessed and redeemed with a perfectly shaped rose gelato. Then it started thundering and pouring down rain! We practically ran across the Charles Bridge to go home. The city looked so creepy with the stones and multiple lightning strikes – it looked straight out of a movie!


The next morning, we went to Café Louvre for breakfast (can’t seem to escape Paris, eh?). Y’all, I was shook by how beautiful this breakfast place was. I ordered a cappuccino and the pancakes with raspberry sauce and it was so delicious! The way everything was presented was great; although, I do have to say that the waiters in Prague seem to be a lot nicer and patient than the waitresses.


We made our way to see the Dancing House, which was actually quite underwhelming – I wouldn’t recommend it. We pretty much finished our to-see list at that point, so we just wandered around the same area and relaxed at parks. For dinner, my sister and I went to a food court that had two eateries I had heard were great: Sisters and Nase Maso. Sisters has great open-faced sandwiches. I had heard RAVE reviews about Nase Maso (it’s a butcher shop), but I had no idea how to read the menu, so I ordered something random and got…wait for it… pork sausage links. They were really salty and really not that great (and I’m a pretty big fan of meat, so that’s saying something).

My family and I made it back out to the Charles Bridge to see the sunset again and it was definitely prettier the second night! The golden light shines over the river and it’s quite breathtaking.


We checked out of our apartment pretty early the next day and took the train to Vienna! I had wanted to visit Prague for awhile and it wasn’t too much or too less, really. There aren’t a lot of things to do, but it’s a pleasant city and really beautiful. I can’t say I want to go back already, but maybe someday (in a few decades, maybe??). Thanks Praha!


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