five things i miss about the states


Happy Wednesday!

Last week, I really got back into the swing of blogging and whipped out like five posts in the span of two days, which never happens anymore. My family came out to Europe to visit me and we’ve already seen Prague and Vienna! Definitely keep your eyes peeled for those travel posts…

Since I’ve been gone from the states for nearly two months now, I’ve been getting pretty nostalgic and missing a lot about the States. First on my list? Top Pot Doughnuts. I know, I know, I’ve indulged in croissants from Italy and macarons from Paris, but one of my closest friends Hannah has been snapping me pictures of TPD and it legitimately makes me so homesick, especially because it’s our favorite spot together! So I guess, technically, I miss TPD + Hannah!

Next on my list has to be – wait for it – Nordstrom. I feel so lame admitting this but it’s true! What with the anniversary sale happening and all, I do miss being able to walk into the Nordstrom in downtown Seattle and browsing the shoes. Oh especially the shoes!

After that it has to be just overall routine. Hopping from country to country is amazing and all, but I’m your Type-A kind of gal; I need to have structure! I must say that traveling has really taught me to be more spontaneous, and there’s been many opportunities for spontaneity, but I really do miss the routine I have during the school year.

Y’all are going to laugh at this one next: I miss the my school’s business library. I’m such a nerd, why am I like this?? I spend so many hours in that gosh dang library all year that it feels like a piece of myself is missing because of it. I’m embarrassingly excited to return to all its glory in the fall. To add on though, I miss American public libraries in general. I had my fair share of bookstores in Paris, but I just miss being able to browse through books written in English.

Lastly, I miss working out. When I packed for this three-month trip, I purposefully didn’t bring workout clothes because I wanted to enjoy myself and not have to think about being “fit”. Little did I know that working out makes me happy!! I guess I forgot what those endorphins can do for the body. I miss dancing in a studio, doing pilates, and even running. What with all the carbs, desserts, gelato… oh man. I can’t wait to put on my tennis shoes in the fall.

Ha, am I crazy for missing these five things?





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