setting yourself apart

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Just wanted to pop in real quick today! This week is going to be pretty intense for me as I finish up some tests and projects that will be a huge part of my grade, and then I’m running a faculty banquet for my sorority! Thank goodness this weekend is longer because of President’s Day – I really need this break. I definitely need to catch up on Jane the Virgin and Sherlock, and visit a new coffee shop or two.

In other news, I wanted to talk about something that’s constantly going through my mind: setting myself apart. Maybe it’s the business student in me, but ever since coming to college, it’s been wired in my brain that I have to set myself apart in order to attract employers and have good interviews with them.

I talked to one of my close friends about this recently, being afraid of having a bland personality or life. It’s hard to build on personality and to set goals to change just because personality is hard to quantify (in terms of SMART goals) – personally, it’s still something I’m gradually working on. Steps I’ve been taking are to live different experiences in order to experiment with that personality differentiation.

In the business world, the “typical” business student is majoring in all the same stuff, involved in business clubs, volunteers on the side, and holds some extra leadership positions. It’s hard to set myself apart from everyone – I have those things too. But what other business students don’t have? A dance minor. Two weeks ago, I declared a dance minor because why not. I love (and will always love) dance, it fits really well in my schedule, and it’ll set me apart.

Setting yourself apart never has to be anything extravagant. People love people who are passionate about things. Super cheesy of me to be referencing The Longest Ride movie, but there’s a couple where the woman loves art, but the man simply doesn’t understand it. She drags him to all these art museums and galleries, and, don’t get me wrong, she’s considerate and aware of the fact that he doesn’t understand it. What does he do? He says, “I love how much you love it.”

Obviously, being passionate about something not only attracts employers but also attracts relationships too. It cultivates interest and has the potential to be something more.

Find something you love to do. Make it part of your life. It’ll set you apart.

Food for thought for the week – I’ll talk to y’all in a week!



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