summer plans: studying abroad!!

Hello everyone!

I am currently SWAMPED with schoolwork  – I have two huge midterms coming up alongside a major group presentation, but I wanted to pop in to let you all know about something EXCITING that happened to me last week!

I tweeted out that I had been accepted to a competitive business study abroad program for this summer. The location?


I am beyond excited!! This will be my first time going abroad in more than 10 years, can you believe that? It’ll take place during the first half of summer and I found out that 4-5 of my friends got into the program as well. I’ll be taking two business classes and visiting companies in Rome, Florence, and more. Unfortunately, this does mean I’ll have to give up internship opportunities, but I think studying abroad in Europe will be worth it!

Being accepted into this program meant so much to me, because I really worked hard to make my application the best it could be. If you remember from last year, I was rejected from a Britain study abroad program and I was devastated. Learn from your mistakes, people, and seek out resources! I’ve learned that hard work and intention does pay off. This acceptance was that much more satisfying because I know that I’ve grown as a person since then.

I can’t believe the trip is so far away (4 months seems so long!), but in the meantime, I’ll be Pinning all things Rome, learning a little Italian, rewatching the Lizzie McGuire movie, and reading up on Rome history and architecture!

(All photos courtesy of Unsplash)


If you have any fun Rome recommendations, let me know!!


4 thoughts on “summer plans: studying abroad!!”

  1. how exciting jen!! congratulations, i’m so happy for you. i’ve never been to rome so i don’t have any recommendations…but i hope you have the best time!! you’re amazing!


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