2016 in review // highlights


Whew, 2016.

2016 was a big year for me. So many things happened. Good things, and meh things. Overall, I feel like a better person. I always love doing these month/season/year reviews because I think it’s a great way to reflect and introspect a little. Let’s review the year, shall we?

January // My 2016 “resolution” had been to “jump in” more, try new things, be more spontaneous, the like. My first step? Revealing this blog to my personal friends. It was a big deal for me, going public about it and revamping my Instagram into a blog-Instagram.

I also had my first fashion photoshoot with Grace from A Tiny Cup of Cake, who graduated but is doing great things now! I always seem to meet the best people right when they’re leaving, but I’m grateful for the time I did get to spend with her.

My favorite night of the year had been in January too, when my dance company filmed a dance video late at night, in the frigid air, in the middle of campus. I will never forget the thrill and joy I felt that night.

February // More school, more rain, more photoshoots on days that were sunny. I started looking at apartments with my roommate, but started getting really curious about Panhellenic/sorority life for next year. I ended up finalizing my decision to rush in the fall of 2016.

March // I started to look at study abroad options, those of which are pretty different now than what I had initially planned. I visited my second “Big Four” accounting firm, which was eye-opening and really cool. I always try to improve myself professionally in some way every month. Spring break came and went, quietly and uneventfully at home.

April // I participated in my first business case competition, and placed third out of 25 teams. It was so stressful and nerve-wracking for me, but it was an amazing learning experience. It was one of those situations where peer pressure actually turns out to be a positive experience.

I also dated someone? Briefly. That was definitely a learning experience (for myself) too.

May // I happily attended my first two concerts ever: Magic Man and Birdy. Amazing and unforgettable. I’ve decided to only attend concerts of musicians I absolutely love, so that every concert I go to will be special (quality, not quantity).

My dance company had our first show, and it was so fun!! It was definitely something we were all proud of accomplishing and showcasing.

I also started a Youtube vlog channel. While it was a unique experience, it only lasted for a few months (there was too much maintenance for a single vlog).

June // Final exams ended and I was so glad spring quarter was over. I had a week break before I immediately hopped back into school for summer term. I made plans with tons of people who were Seattle natives because I had so much free time while only taking one class. I was able to do all the tourist Seattle things though, like visit the Space Needle and ride the Seattle Great Wheel!

July // I crossed off a lot of “firsts”. First Sounders game, first Mariners game, first time kayaking. All extremely entertaining and would do again!

August // In the middle of the month, I finished off summer quarter with a perfect grade, relieved. I had the next month to relax at home for the rest of the summer and just spent time with my old friends who are on the semester system before they had to go back to school later that month.

September // Sorority recruitment happened – probably the biggest change in my life in 2016. It was rough but not as bad as everyone says it is. I met a hundred amazing girls in my chapter and went out of my comfort zone; I made sure I spent lots of time with the girls to really build that bond with them before classes started back up for the fall.

October // Five hours a sleep every night, I was so stressed with my classes. My sorority had their fall formal, in which I learned a lot about myself that night, let me tell ya. Had a fun Halloween dressed as Audrey Hepburn.

November // Turned 20. Still reeling. Sorority initiation happened so I became an official Sigma Kappa! I also ran for a position in the house and got it – hello, exec! We’ll be attending an LA conference in January and I’m SO pumped for it. Went home for Thanksgiving – ugh, it’s always such a tease for winter break.

December // Finished my classes with flying (ish) colors! Applied the heck out of internships – crossing my fingers I get one! Met up with my new mentor and revived my excitement for my career. Spent lots of time with my family during the holidays.

I love the people I met this year; honestly, it’s my favorite part of the year. It took me awhile to understand, but the relationships you make (and maintain) are so important, and I’m glad I unintentionally made it one of my goals for the year.

Stay tuned for my 2017 New Year’s resolutions post to come in a few days!

How was 2016 for you?



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