life updates – 10.31.16

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Hello, hello!

I thought I’d do a little life update post with some fun photos because so much has happened in this past week! The photo above is from when I went to Zoka Coffee Roaster & Tea – evidently, I’m still on the hunt to try as many coffeeshops as I can in Seattle! Zoka was alright: while it is extremely spacious, it was also very crowded on a Sunday afternoon, and humid. It felt like a jungle in there! I didn’t end up staying long to study because the humidity was too much for me.

I’m still on the midterm grind, and – quoting my sister – while my stress levels are rising, the leaves are falling. I’m so in love with the changing colors of the leaves and just overall thankful that the PNW has seasons.




Last week was also Big/Little week. If you’re not familiar, the Greek system has things called Bigs and Littles. Bigs are active members and Littles are the new pledges. Essentially, a Little gets paired with a Big (like matchmaking) and the Littles join their Big’s family for life.

Throughout this week, the Littles (me) were showered with beautiful decorations, gifts, and mystery notes from their Bigs. On the first day, we all woke up to gorgeous decorations on our dressers (the Bigs did this all night) and it felt like Christmas morning! Every chapter on every campus does Big/Little reveal differently, this is just what my experience was!

Please enjoy some high-quality Snapchat photos 😂

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Can we talk about how freaking beautiful this bouquet of flowers is?!


My Big captured my aesthetic PERFECTLY, y’all. How cute?! I’m never taking these decorations down. Ever.

img_4219 img_4242

All. The Hot Cheetos. I know what I’m doing after midterms! (Catching up on Jane the Virgin with these tasty snacks!)

A snuggly elephant blanket!! So cuddly and soft 🤗


Dainty necklaces are my favorite – and this one hits the spot for me. This delicate Sigma Kappa chain is a new favorite jewelry piece of mine!

I was completely surprised by who my Big ended up being, in the best way possible, of course! I had no idea who it was throughout the week. This week is one for the books for sure.

Later this week, I was also fortunate enough to attend my business school’s leadership dinner, where it was held at a fancy hotel in Downtown Seattle and we had multiple alumna who came to speak. The food was delicious, and the President of the Americas of Google graced our presence as well. I always love coming out to these business events because I feel renewed and motivated again to work hard to get where I want to be someday.


 So that’s my little life update! I’m still struggling with sleeping enough and maintaining my grades, so we’ll see how that goes in the coming weeks.
Let me know what you’ve been up to!

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