hello october + fall bucket list

Hello and happy October!!

October has to be one of my favorite months of the year because all the leaves are changing and pumpkin spice everything.

I finished my first “week” of classes and have just been chillin’ around the house getting to know the other girls in my house. Last night I went out to dinner to Din Tai Fung with 7 other girls from my house and let me tell you – I think every sorority house should do this as a bonding activity because you learn how to cooperate and figure out what to order on the menu. It legit took us 20 minutes to place our order and we had to remind ourselves to lower our voices to a restaurant-appropriate volume.

I’ve also been watching Stranger Things – me and a few girls started and finished it yesterday and I have to say I’m a little bit disappointed just because I had SUCH high expectations, but overall I’d rate it like a 7.5/10.

Other than that, classes were pretty fun this past week but I looked at my planner for the upcoming week and y’all, things are going to get real busy for me now. I’m ready for the challenge though!!

Today I’d thought I’d put up my fall bucket list because we are well into fall already.


What do you want to do this fall?



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