a new look for fall

Happy Friday!

I hope everyone had a great week! Today I wanted to share a little something that can improve your personal brand – getting new glasses!

One of my favorite brands of eyewear is Warby Parker. I remember first getting introduced to their brand when I was watching Tyler Oakley’s Youtube videos and he was trying on 5 pairs to decide. Warby Parker’s glasses are stylish and I love what they do for their customers. What’s unique about WP is there home try-onYou can try on glasses at home for 5 days to see if you like them and you can ship back and forth for free! How cool is that?

I remember being super self-conscious wearing my glasses out in public when I was younger. Honestly though? Wearing eyeglasses is the new black. I picked out some of my favorite frames from Warby Parker’s fall collection!


Winston / Hadley / Tansley

Their collection this year focuses on Details Matter, which I love! I appreciate companies and brands that care about the little things that formulate into something that is high-quality and long-lasting. Look here for more of their styles for fall!

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If you’re in the Seattle area, a new Warby Parker store actually opened recently that you can go visit! It’s located right in the heart of University Village; it’s small, adorable, and the customer service is on point.

What are some styles you like?
*All photos are owned by Warby Parker*

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