sorority recruitment week: my experience

Hi everybody!

Today I start my first day of my sophomore year of college – so crazy! I’m heading into this year with a nasty cough and a rather sore throat, unfortunately. Every girl in my house is sick – we’re declaring it the Sorority Swine Flu 😂

In my last post, I talked about the sorority that I joined, and I promised that I’d tell you guys all about my recruitment experience, so that’s what today’s post is all about!

Every university’s sorority recruitment is different; it depends mostly on the size of your school and how many chapters it has. Since my university has 18 (which is considered a lot, most schools have around 10), our recruitment was a full week.

On day one, it was just orientation and it was really chill. We met in a large lecture hall and there was a woman who came in and talked to us about choosing the right house and how to present yourself. This woman’s job in life is to literally coach Potential New Members on how to rush. Who knew this was an actual career? Hey, as long as she’s happy, good for her – I think it’s pretty cool that she found something that she loves to do and can travel to different colleges while doing so!

Anyhow, days two and three were Open House rounds, which means the two days were split equally so that each Potential New Member talked to 9 chapters on each day. It was a lot of talking. The thing I found so crazy about all of this was that Panhellenic, the oversight council of sororities, has everything so immaculate and structured. They’re so punctual it’s actually insane. For example, they organized all (close to 900, I want to say!) Potential New Members into groups of about 50 and we had to line up in numerical order at the front of each house  before we went in. There was a countdown before we entered each house (it’s down to the second, y’all) and when the doors opened, each chapter had a door chant, which includes lots of hair flipping and clapping. They were so fun and apparently if the girls went a certain amount of seconds overtime, they got fined 😳 Imagine how many times they had to practice door chants!!

In addition to structure, there’s also tons of rules – we couldn’t talk or go to fraternities houses, because they didn’t want girls choosing sororities based on what fraternities and whatnot.

After Open House, we had to Prioritize. This meant going to a computer lab and numbering your 5 least favorite chapters with the hope of not seeing them again for next round. It’s a mutual selection process though, so if your least favorite chapter likes you a lot, they may call you back.

This is pretty much what happened to me. Days four and five were House Tours, and I got dropped from a few houses that I really liked, but I still had a pretty good list. I was 100% willing to give the houses I liked least another shot though! Open-mindedness is key during recruitment.

During House Tours, it’s literally like MTV Cribs – it’s awesome. Who doesn’t love walking through mansions?! It was a super fun round because every house is different and has its own perks. I was in love with every house’s design!

After House Tours, we prioritized again and dropped more houses we didn’t like. The houses can also drop you.

I got a pretty small list back for Philanthropy round, which was actually kind of relieving because at that point I had gotten sick and was literally running around to houses with a fever and runny nose. Do you know how hard it is to look presentable and do cardio while being sick?!

Philanthropy round was really cool because you got to sit down and listen to the chapters’ philanthropies and partake in a little activity or craft that contributes to their organization. At some chapters, I really clicked with their philanthropy! There was prioritization again after this round.

The final round is Preference, where a girl from previous rounds “prefs” (prefers) you. At most, a Potential New Member can be “preffed” (preferenced) by 3 chapters. I had two and I wouldn’t have minded if I ended up in either one, but it was really hard to choose at the end of the night.

As you all know, I ended up in Sigma Kappa. I’m not going to say which was my other house, but when it came down to it, I almost chose the other house just because their house was newer, it was closer to campus, and I liked their philanthropy better. But I knew in my gut that the girls at Sigma Kappa were people I had really good conversations with, and they were people I could be myself around.

Funnily enough, I talked to a Recruitment Counselor (they are active sorority girls who disaffiliate from their chapter for the week to help give unbiased advice to Potential New Members) and she helped me make my final decision.

Come Bid Day, I found out that the Recruitment Counselor I talked to was actually a Sigma Kappa sister too! Imagine my excitement – I was overjoyed!!

Something I was worried about going into recruitment week as a sophomore was that I wouldn’t click as well with the 75% freshmen. I was so wrong. I stayed in the dorms for the week of recruitment and am so close with the freshman I dormed with. She ended up in a different house but we’re only 1 minute away from each other so you can bet I’ll be visiting her!

People say that sorority recruitment week is one of the toughest weeks of your life, that it’s brutal physically and emotionally. Yes, I saw some girls bawling their eyes out, but I personally had a really good time meeting girls from every house! While I did get sick, I think I’m building that immune system anyway.

So that’s my experience with rush week!! What have you heard about rush week?


2 thoughts on “sorority recruitment week: my experience”

  1. I’m really curious about greek life (it is SO common here on my campus… Everyone is in one) and I had some girls I know explain to me the process of formal rush and it seems so confusing! But probably fun to participate in. I don’t think I’ll personal ever participate since I’m planning on rushing the engineering sorority in spring, and they only do informal rush, but it’s still interesting. 🙂


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