i joined a sorority?!

Hi, hello, it’s been awhile!

I hope everyone has been enjoying fall and September itself,  because it’s been a blast for me! I wanted to update you all on my life, and why I’ve been MIA for the past two weeks.

I had been mentioning it on my blog for a bit now, but in case you didn’t know, I rushed for a sorority at my university as a sophomore this year! It was something I knew I wanted to do since about March of 2016, and I had been looking forward to rush week all summer.

If you don’t know what a sorority is, it’s basically a sisterhood that spans across almost all college campuses nationwide. For a lengthier and more detailed description, read up on Wikipedia here!

Basically, Formal Fall Recruitment was a week long event, consisting of visiting all the houses or “chapters” and narrowing it down throughout the week until you find the house you love (and the house has to mutually love you back, too). I’ll be posting a more detailed description of my experience later this week!

Longgg story short, after 7 long days of talkingtalkingtalking, I found my new home for the next four years of my college experience. I am now a Sigma Kappa sister! I found this house to be the most relaxed, diverse, non-stereotypical, and genuine group of girls that I knew I could be myself with.sigmakappa_ovalsoapsimage sourcetumblr_nufjzttcca1u9vas6o1_1280tumblr_ncqup1bagn1tghm5xo1_1280
image sources

Our motto is “Live with Heart”, and the week that I’ve lived with this group of girls has been amazing already. I can’t promise as frequent of blog posts – that comes with being a sophomore with a heavier course load too!

So that’s what I’ve been up to lately – what about you?



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