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Today I thought I’d share something I wrote earlier in August but haven’t had the chance to post yet!

I wanted to address something that I thought about after scrolling through my Instagram: materialism in the blogging world, particularly in the fashion blogging community. I noticed that a lot of my Instagram pictures are of things, materialistic goods. And I’m not alone. A lot of other fashion & lifestyle bloggers have Instagrams filled with clothes, shoes, mugs, new things they buy. And it just made me think: is this an accurate representation of us? Are fashion bloggers simply materialistic people, and is it a bad thing?

I’m certainly not going to speak for every fashion blogger – I’ll just speak for myself. My Instagram is chock-full with images of objects that I think are aesthetically pleasing. My Instagram accurately represents who I am. Possessing things make me happy. Seeing pretty things makes me happy. I 100% admit to it. I like to buy clothes, shoes, and decorative items that are pretty to look at because it calms me and puts me at ease. I am materialistic. But I certainly don’t think it’s a bad thing if being materialism also means being self-aware.

A lot of people view fashion bloggers and bloggers in general as people who only caring about these objects in their lives. People see bloggers as shallow humanbeings because they don’t have other values, other than the materialistic items that are talked about on Instagram or on their blogs. This makes me sad. I know that I’m materialistic, and I think that’s fine because I’m also self-aware. I’m not only self-aware about the fact that I’m materialistic, but I’m also self-aware about my other values besides material possessions. Each and every person out there doesn’t have only one side; we’re all people with many different dimensions, and materialism isn’t the only thing that defines bloggers.

Materialism may be the top-most layer that everyone sees when they look at bloggers because that’s what they talk about: products, other physical items, or whatever it may be, because blogging is an industry. Blogging is also a form of marketing, and marketing entails selling goods, tying it back full-circle to buying possessions that act as mostly necessities, but also physical comforts.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when people get annoyed at other people who care about their “Instagram aesthetic”, or when people get annoyed at other people who take pictures of their brunch. What’s wrong with liking pretty things? What’s wrong with being happy? Why do people get annoyed about what others are passionate about? I think this is something that everyone needs to be less judgmental about. Let other people be.

I hope that after reading this post, you’ll view bloggers differently, and when looking at their Instagrams or reading their blogs, you’ll have a different perception of them. Some of us are materialistic, but a lot of us are also self-aware of the fact and being materialistic is not solely what we are. And even if a blogger is truly only materialistic, so what? That’s what they love, so let them love what they want.

What do you think? Do you agree with me? How do you view bloggers?





4 thoughts on “materialism in blogging”

  1. This was really interesting to read for me. I honestly had never noticed or heard/read about this being an issue and bloggers being seen as materialistic. Definitely gave me something to think about, but in my opinion if what you are blogging about is your passion and makes you happy than there is nothing wrong with that 🙂


  2. I hadn’t thought much about this subject, but I completely agree with you! Materialism is something we definitely have to keep in check, but there’s nothing wrong with enjoying pretty things and splurging once and a while within your means. I personally am frugal to a fault – buying pretty much ANYTHING majorly stresses me out – but shopping, whether for needs or wants, is what drives our entire economy. And most importantly, it’s so frustrating to see people making fun of other people’s interests – why should they care if other people take a minute or two to photograph their brunch? And do they not have any passions of their own? Thanks for this thought-provoking post!


  3. I totally agree! If a blogger or Instagrammer (etc etc) is materialistic or simply posts about something that you’re not interested in seeing, DON’T FOLLOW THEM. But there’s no reason to yell at them for doing what THEY love to do. And we can’t all go around assuming that that’s the only thing that person likes to do. I’m a book blogger and avid reader, and I do read a ton. But I also love shopping, baking, playing my instruments, creating, outdoors-y things, animals, and kids. I could go on, but everyone has more to them than you think.
    Ah, that was a bit rant-y, sorry! 😉


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