my fall classes


I cannot believe it’s officially September! As you should know, I’m immensely excited to go back to school this fall – something about college is just way more exciting than returning to school in high school.

This fall quarter, I’m taking more credits than I usually do. In fact, I’ve never taken so many credits in one quarter before, so I’m a little nervous, but also extremely excited to challenge myself and push myself to my limits. I’m taking the maximum number of credits; people who take more than the max have to pay extra tuition, so I’m getting the most out of my money!

I always think it’s so fun to know what classes my friends are taking, so I’m going to share with y’all my classes for the fall! If you don’t know, I’m already a business student at my school, but I’m still getting through the General Education requirements!

ONE // Business Communications

As a business major, every student is required to take a wide range of business classes, no matter what their business option/focus is. One of these classes is business communications! I’m super scared for this class mainly because there’s tons of public speaking and if you know me, you know I’m not terrified of public speaking, but I still get really nervous getting up in front of people. While I may be sacrificing a lower grade in this class, I do hope to walk out of it with more confidence at the end of the quarter!

TWO // Intro to Stats

Ew. I am definitely not looking forward to this class, but it’s another business major requirement. I never took AP Stats in high school, but in my IB Math HL 2 class, we did have a small unit where we learned some stats and I hated it. I was good at calc but stats? No hope. I just hope I can scrape by with a good grade in this class – although, the professor I’m taking it with has some pretty great reviews, so I’m crossing my fingers!

THREE // Foundations of Informatics

One of the things I love about my university is that we have an Informatics School! Frankly, I’m still not 100% sure what informatics is, but I know a lot of business majors like to double in Informatics, and that it’s the “easier” version of Computer Science? Who knows, but I’m really curious to find out what exactly it is.

FOUR // Intro to Russian Culture

Hahahaha this is like my fun and easy class (at least I hope it turns out to be easy…)! I needed another arts credit, and as much as I wanted to take dance class again, I wanted to learn something new. Back in high school, my history classes never really touched on Russian history besides the Cold War so I’m pretty curious to learn more about Russian history. Plus, I want to learn about it before I read Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace and Anna Karenina.

Those are my four classes! I calculated the number of hours per week I will be spending in the classroom and it’s quite daunting: 17 hours per week. I don’t think I exceeded 13 hours a week in any quarter last year, so we’ll see how everything goes. I may end up even dropping a class if it’s too overwhelming…

What are you taking this year? Have you taken anything like my classes?


2 thoughts on “my fall classes”

  1. Hello! I’m also going to be taking a stats class this quarter and I’m not excited about that because it’s math. aside from that, I’m taking biopsych and a class on bio and aging which I think has to do with earth. 🙂 I really enjoy psych classes!


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