july & august obsessions

july and august obsessions headerHi everybody!

So it’s been awhile since I did my last “obsessions” post – usually when I’m obsessed with something, I’m obsessed with it for awhile, and a lot of my favorites from February and March are still favorites to this day! However, these past few months, I’ve acquired some new obsessions…

july and august obsessions

ONE // malcolm gladwell’s books

I had heard great things about Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers, and that was the first one I read from him back in June 2016. I love his writing style and the examples he uses to explain psychology and success stories. Upon finishing Outliers, I’ve bought three more of his books – you could say I’m a little obsessed. His books are a great way to get into the non-fiction genre if you’re looking to read something out of your fiction comfort zone!

TWO // kalyn nicholson’s youtube channel

I’m always browsing around on Youtube, and I stumbled upon Kalyn Nicholson’s channel. She’s a 21 Canadian girl who makes beautiful lifestyle and fashion videos. My favorite thing about her videos is probably the aesthetics – gorgeous!!

THREE // starbucks iced coconut milk mocha macciato

While the drink name is a mouthful (no pun intended), this new drink from Starbucks is a crowd pleaser. Y’all, it is delicious. I don’t get the coconut milk just because it has a lot of saturated fat in it (I replace it with nonfat milk), but I’ve gone to Starbucks every Saturday just to get this drink and sit down with a good book for a few hours.

FOUR // extra petite fashion blog

I was browsing Instagram and found Jean’s Instagram, which led me to her blog! I love finding fellow Asian fashion bloggers and her style is so. Freaking. Adorable. Like me, she’s petite and only 5 feet tall. Also, her and her husband are RELATIONSHIP GOALS.

FIVE // hummus

Call me a little late on the hummus game, but in July I started eating Sabra’s Roasted Red Pepper Hummus with pretzel crisps as a daytime snack (and sometimes late-night snack… whoops) and I’m addicted. So tasty!! And it’s healthier than chips or cookies!

SIX // bp faux leather watch

Up until the #NSale, I was not a watch wearer, or a bracelet wearer for that matter. But I saw that Nordstrom had these simple BP Faux Leather Watches for only $15 at the time and so I bought a pair! I’ve loved wearing it because it makes any outfit look more classy. Unfortunately, they seemed to have stopped selling the cognac leather color I got, so they only have the black/white one left at the moment.

SEVEN // nerve movie

Y’all, I saw the Nerve movie in theaters 2 days after it came out, and it was SO GOOD. I was not expecting it to be amazing but it was intense, fun, and super engaging. My palms were sweating at one point in the movie, no exaggeration! And the music playlist was on point. This was also my first movie I’ve seen with Dave Franco, and I just… no words. Love. Dave.

EIGHT // jane the virgin

I finally finally finally watched Jane the Virgin in June and caught up by the time July rolled around. In fact, I wrote about a post talking about 7 reasons to watch Jane the Virgin – go give it a read and then go watch it!! Season 3 is premiering in October and I cannot. WAIT.

What have you been obsessed with these past few months?




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