first lilly agenda

Happy Friday!!

If you know me, you know I absolutely cannot live without a planner. I’m a plan-way-ahead kind of girl and need to have a daily to-do list to get through my days. Not everyone understands the power of a planner; if I’m being honest, it’s what keeps me going, why I’m so productive all the time. It’s my source of motivation, and the sole satisfaction of crossing off a to-do list item is amazing!! I swear, dopamine is released whenever I crack open my planner or cross off a to-do list item.

I’ve gotten a January-December every year from Target for a few years now, and since I discovered that 17-month planners (August-December) were a thing, I’ve been dying to make the switch. Especially because brands like Kate Spade, Lilly Pulitzer, and have BEAUTIFUL 17-month agendas.

This August, I decided to bite the bullet and snatch up my first Lilly agenda! Y’all, they are so. Freaking. Gorgeous. You can check out all the designs and sizes on their website, but I went to my nearest Paper Source store and bought mine in person. I got the 17-month Large Agenda in Island Time!


I didn’t want to get the Jumbo because that was too pricey and I didn’t need a heavyweight in my backpack, but what made me go for the Lilly this year is the durable hardback. I’m hoping to do some study abroad in 2017 so the durable-ness will be put to the test!


Size comparison


Back of the agenda!


I don’t really see myself using the stickers, but at least they’re super cute!!


At the beginning of each month, there are these full-page designs and they make me so happy!!


The lined sections for each day is super helpful, and the margins are wide enough that you can squeeze any writing in on the sides.

I’ve been using the agenda for two weeks now, and I’ve been loving it!! I can’t wait to dive in full-force once school starts. My only hitch about the agenda is that there isn’t a bookmark so I can easily flip to the current date. I decided to use a pink paperclip, but it’d be nice if Lilly made a ribbon bookmark!

What planner do you use? Have you used a Lilly agenda before?



2 thoughts on “first lilly agenda”

  1. That agenda is so pretty! I usually use a target planner but I’m actually currently using my University’s planner and I actually really like it. It has all the important dates and premade to do list slots and everything. I’d love to see a post about your planner spreads and what you right where and everything!


  2. It’s so pretty! I am a little obsessed with planners, I may or may not own more than one. For me though I don’t like having one planner crammed with everything. I have one for budgeting, another for my blog/bookstagram and another for work/school/appointments.


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