when you’re 19 but feel like you’re 9


Hello hello!

I’m just about finished with summer school – I’ll be going back home in a week! However, I know a lot of my friends who go to semester-schools are heading back soon for their fall semester, which is crazy! In honor of back-to-school season, I have a fun little outfit that was shot on an elementary school playground. I’m 19, but I always feel like I’m still 9 years old – oh, the good ol’ days…


Blouse | Similar // Denim Vest | Similar // Chino Shorts | Similar // Converse | Shop // Sunglasses | Shop

Funnily enough, two of these pieces are actually from my twin sister’s closet! We were both cleaning out our closets and I was looking at her stuff that she didn’t wear very often and stumbled up on the blouse and the vest together on a hanger, and I thought it looked so cute! Put on a pair of chino shorts and some converse and you have a school-friendly look.

What’s a comfortable school outfit you like to wear?




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