abercrombie & fitch: making a comeback?

Hello everybody!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend – I know mine was super relaxing! I was able attend another Sounders game and did some shopping, which actually spurred on this post discussion.


I was randomly scrolling through Twitter and saw an ad for Abercrombie & Fitch. Curious since I haven’t looked at their clothing in a long time, I hopped on over to their website. I remember seeing a bit of a scandal with their CEO being a douchebag, but I really like this article from Bloomberg because it sums up A&F’s history really well. Long story short, I remember Abercrombie Kids was the IT clothing store back when I was in 5th grade-8th grade. And then right when I hit high school, Abercrombie was out. For some reason, the logos of the moose just wasn’t cool anymore.

Imagine my surprise when I headed to their website. I used to never even glance into A&F because of their jacked up prices, but their stuff today? TONS of stuff on sale. And I have to say, they certainly haven gotten rid of a lot of their moose logos. There are still some shirts here and there that have “Abercrombie & Fitch” scrawled across a fleece jacket, but it’s easily avoidable.

I decided to head to my nearest A&F store this weekend and was pleasantly surprised as well as thrown back to my middle school shopping days. Memories of walking past the freshly-sprayed cologned/perfumed shirts and touching the soft cotton of their clothing was weirdly satisfying.

I have been looking for nice summer shorts and got low-key excited when I found pairs for $25 or less. That’s crazy cheap, and I was even happier when I tried them on in the fitting rooms. A&F’s denim shorts are comfortable, y’all. The one thing I missed about A&F was their quality! I picked up the shorts shown below – I’m obsessed. I’ll link them to the website, but the prices in stores were lower than on the website; I’d suggest going to your local A&F and looking for the cheaper prices. I got the white and black pairs for $19.99 and then an additional 30% off, making them only $13.99 each!

Then I found the cropped crew tee. If y’all don’t know, I LOVE striped tees at the moment and this one was so. Soft. Better yet, it was only $12.99 and then an additional 30% off. I couldn’t say no!

Lastly, I picked up this fleece quilted vest. This one was WAY clearanced because it’s not even on the website anymore. It was originally $68 and I got it for just $21.


White Festival Shorts // Black High-Rise Shorts // Low Rise Denim Shorts // Cropped Crew Tee 

I don’t know about you, but I know I’ll be checking back on A&F’s clothes more often now, since they have such great sales! Walking through the store, I noticed that their style is definitely different from what it was before. They have dressier shirts now for women and overall classier clothes.

What do you think? When was the last time you walked into A&F? Will you be checking it out?


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