the truth about vlogging

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Happy Monday, everyone!

I actually didn’t vlog this past week just because I was preparing for my accounting quiz and upcoming midterm this week, so nothing really exciting was happening aside from studying.

However, since it is Monday and I usually have a vlog up on Mondays, I thought I’d talk about something vlogging-related: the truth about vlogging.

As most of you know, I’m heading into my fifth year of blogging – holy moly, I can hardly believe it either – and heading into my second full month of vlogging. Starting a Youtube channel was always something I wanted to do; in fact, I wanted to start a Youtube channel around the time I started blogging, but there wasn’t a way to maintain a sense of privacy with a Youtube channel that I could do with my blog.


The wonderful thing about vlogging is that it’s so much more visual than blogging, as well as auditory. I love the video creation process that comes with vlogging. And sometimes, there are memories that simply can’t be captured with words and pictures on a blog, whereas a vlog can (like concerts!).

I’ve also really liked vlogging because of the different audience I’m able to reach on Youtube. The Youtube community is so much larger than the blogging community. Obviously, I’m creating different content here than I am on Youtube, but that’s besides the point. So many people browse Youtube when they’re bored and can easily stumble upon my vlogs, whereas it’s harder to browse blogs and find this one.

Vlogging has also created an obligation to put myself out there and socialize, which was one of my goals for the year. It’s so weird – because I’m vlogging and putting up public videos of myself doing things in college, they have to be interesting. They can’t just be of me studying every week – who would like watching that? In a sense, vlogging has forced me to go out and do fun things with other people rather than stay in my room. Also, some of my friends love being in my vlogs. It’s a fun addition!

I also think it’ll be really interesting to look back on my vlogs and see how my relationship with other people have changed/haven’t changed. It’s there, it’s real, and it’s ever-lasting (unless Youtube deletes my video, of course). There’s a sense of permanence to videos. If you don’t me, I get nostalgic all the time, so making vlogs might help with that?? Maybe??


The downside of vlogging? The time commitment. The vlogging process is fine, since I just vlog whenever I’m doing something else, and that’s actually easier than writing blog posts. But when it comes to editing, oh man, that takes quite a while. I usually end up spending 1-2 hours cutting my vlogs, adding audio (music), and getting rid of portions I don’t want. My “follow me around” vlogs are a lot simpler than other content/subject-based videos on Youtube, so I’m thankful for that, but you can’t forget about the uploading process. Sometimes, when I upload my video from iMovie to Youtube, it takes an hour or more and then it FAILS to upload, so I have to do it again. It slows down my computer quite a bit.

The other downside of vlogging is weeks like these where I may not have had an interesting enough vlog to post anything at all. This is narrowly tailored to my type of vlogs, but with blogging, I can blog whenever I have fun ideas. I won’t ever have “creative block” with vlogging like I do with blogging sometimes, but it’s more of a boring week situation where I’m struggling to put together an interesting video to watch.

And vlogging can be super awkward sometimes, especially when I’m by myself. Vlogging in public is weird – I mean, I’m literally talking to myself with a camera outstretched in front of me. People look at me like I’m crazy! It’s definitely easier when I’m with someone. But then it’s awkward when I’m with someone I kind of just met so I can’t put them in the vlog yet because they don’t know I have a Youtube.

For the two months that I’ve been vlogging, I’ve had an immense amount of fun. I think it’s such a memorable experience and I’m glad I bit the bullet and started a Youtube channel. It’s a fun addition to blogging and while I don’t expect a quick growth on my channel, it’s more of a keepsake and diary to look back on in the future, if you will.

So there you have it: the truth about vlogging. It has its ups and downs, but it’s 100% worth it in the end. If you’re not subscribed to my channel, make sure you do so here!

Talk to y’all soon,



5 thoughts on “the truth about vlogging”

  1. I totally relate to the editing taking ages… It often takes me a week to put something together before I spend 3-6 hours just editing. Have you tried exporting your video and then uploading? It might add some time but then you’ll have a copy of the finished video on your computer and it’s a bit more reliable than going straight from iMovie to YouTube,


    1. I’ve actually tried exporting it first, but I hate having that extra file on my computer 😦 It definitely is more reliable though! I’ve also found that it’s lower quality though – like I can’t choose the HD option.


      1. Huh, that’s weird. I actually haven’t used iMovie in a VERY long time so I guess I wouldn’t know. I personally like to have the file, but that’s because I don’t 100% trust YouTube and would like to have my own archive. 😂


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