7 reasons to watch jane the virgin

Happy Wednesday!!

I hope everyone’s having a fantastic week! I just finished up my first accounting exam on Monday and am busy this week with some interviews for internships I applied for. Crossing my fingers that I get accepted to some positions!

If you haven’t been following my Twitter, you might not know that I’ve been binge-watching Jane the Virgin for the past couple of weeks, and this past Sunday, I finished Season 2 on Netflix, which means I’m all caught up now. Season 3 premiers in October 2016, so now’s my chance to convince you to watch it! Here’s ten reasons why Jane the Virgin is a must-watch show for ladies and gentlemen alike.


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  1. Diversity // Too many television shows in the 21st century are dominated by white actors and actresses – but Jane the Virgin? Predominantly Latino/a. There’s a lot of fun Spanish and culture in the show that really brings something unique to the CW table. Plus, there’s a good inclusion of LGBTQ+ diversity as well.
  2. Family // Jane is a 24 year-old living at home with her mom and abuela, so you can bet there’s ton of mother-daughter-grandmother bonding time. It’s incredibly heartwarming and satisfying to see a main protagonist interact with her family!
  3. A Hilarious Narrator // Usually I’m not for having any narrators narrate a show for me – it’s just disruptive! But this is definitely not the case in Jane. Our amiable narrator is hilarious and it certainly helps that the narrator also has a Spanish accent. Omg, right?
  4. Jane // The actress who plays Jane Villanueva is Gina Rodriguez, and she is so. Freaking. Lovable. Her smile brightens the screen and the way she’s able to execute her character as Jane is phenomenal. I can’t help but want to be best friends with her! She’s passionate and extremely motivated (which is why I’d be really good friends with her).
  5. Ridiculous drama // CW’s usually pretty good at leaving its shows on ridiculous cliffhangers, but the plot points in Jane the Virgin are so outrageous that it’s funny – I guess that’s what makes this show a comedy more than a drama show.
  6. Rafael Solano // I can’t even with this guy. #TeamRafael.
  7. A little bit of everything // There’s honestly a little bit of everything in this show. There’s romance, there’s murder, there’s drama, there’s babies, there’s crime, a movie star, struggling with school… you name it. It sure kept me on the edge of my seat!

So there you have it!! Jane the Virgin is definitely one of my favorite shows and I cannot wait for just a few more months until Season 3 premieres!

Have you watched Jane the Virgin? Are you #TeamRaf or #TeamMichael??



4 thoughts on “7 reasons to watch jane the virgin”

  1. When I first saw the trailer for this I was like nope not for me. But then when I was flipping through the channels one day it was on and 5 mins into I was like oh my gosh I am liking this. xD Suffice to say I am total fan now! I love the diversity and the the importance of family. Oh, and I am #teammichael. 😉


    1. Same here! I thought it looked way too cheesy but then I heard SO many great things about it. Hehe Michael is pretty great too 🙂


  2. omg Jen, THIS SHOW IS AMAZING. I recently binged the entire two seasons, and immediately began rewatching because I couldn’t get enough. It’s so clever and well written and silly. I agree, I love the diversity it has and the focus on family! And the narrator is fantastic, with subtitles it labels him “sexy latin lover” hahaha I die every time. Don’t even get me started on Raf, I LOVE HIM, I am SO #TeamRaf ❤

    This is a perf summary of why this show is amazing!


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