chambray dress & floppy hat



Hey y’all!!

Happy Friday! I’ve completed my first week of summer classes, and I’m relieved to be heading into the weekend – looks like it’ll be a sunny one in Seattle! This past Wednesday, I went to Moore Coffee Shop in Downtown Seattle with Kerstin (check out her blog here!) and she was kind enough to take photos for me. The coffeeshop is absolutely darling and incredibly photogenic. It’s attached to the Moore Hotel, which is where I shot part of these photos.

Moore Coffee is famously known for their adorable coffee designs, and I ordered a Nutella Mocha with Almond milk. Note of advice: they only do designs with regular milk, not any of the replacements!

But without further ado, what I wore to the coffee shop…

What I’m wearing:

Floppy Hat | Nordstrom Rack | Similar
Chambray Dress | Loft | Similar
Sunglasses | BP | Shop
Flats | HalogenSimilar
Bag | Longchamp | Shop

Talk about the quintessential summer outfit! I recently fell in love with floppy hats and I can’t get enough of them. The hats + sunnies = ultimate sun protection. I’ve also been obsessed with all things chambray, especially dresses. I love this one in particular because it’s modest; it also includes the bow, making the silhouette more flattering. Finally, the shoes! The SHOES. I picked up these white pointy-toed flats at the Nordstrom Half-Year Sale, and I have ZERO regrets. I don’t usually go for white shoes because dirt is a thing but I couldn’t say no to these.

And that’s it for now! I hope y’all have a lovely weekend,



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