april & may reading wrap up

Hey all!

I hope you’re doing well!! Since I’ve been at home this week, I’ve had plenty of time to relax and read a ton. My family just set up Netflix for the month, but you can bet I’m reading instead of binge-watching TV shows. I also realized that I haven’t done a reading wrap up in awhile (the last one was in April, here). So I want to let you all know what I’ve read in April and May!

April and May Reading Wrap Up

Never Let Me Go // Tell Me Three Things // Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone // Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets // The House at Sugar Beach // Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban // The Road // Maybe in Another Life // Hotel Ruby

So this totals to nine books over the course of two months! If you didn’t know, spring quarter was particularly difficult for me because one of my classes contained heavy reading. I hardly read for fun – three books on this list were actually for my English class – and the rest are pretty much all audiobooks. Besides the Harry Potter books, the books that really stood out to me in April and May were Never Let Me Go (review here), The Road, and Maybe in Another Life. Gasp, no Young Adult favorites?! I’m shocked too; I think my reading tastes are definitely changing.

What books have turned into favorites last month? Have you read any on my list?

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