i’m back + youtube channel?!?!

Hi everyone!!

I haven’t even taken my last final exam yet, but naturally, I’m procrastinating so obviously I’m writing a blog post!

My final exam is in 3 days but I’m pretty much not stressing out anymore since I started studying early. BUT I did want to announce that I started a Youtube channel! You should go check out my first/introduction video here and go SUBSCRIBE!!

Since I started a Youtube channel though, I’m honestly not sure where I’m going to go with blogging. Since my Youtube channel is going to be primarily weekly vlogs, I may still sporadically do full on “topic posts” here on the blog (I do still love doing fashion posts!!). However, I do want to place my focus on vlogging now. I personally think they are more engaging to watch and to create, and overall more refreshing after blogging for almost 5 years.

Let me know what you think, and again – subscribe!

Have a wonderful weekend,



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