May Hiatus

Hi hi!

May HiatusI am so ashamed to be doing this again but it needs to be done, I suppose! I took a spring break hiatus and came back full force (I’m very proud of posting consistently during all of April)! However, as spring quarter draws to a close, events and exams are popping up every other day. I also didn’t do as well as I’d hoped on my law midterm, so studying extra is going to take up a lot of time. Along with exams, my dance company is gearing up for our show that’s happening at the beginning of June, so I’ll be busy going to rehearsals every weekend. I plan on coming back on June 10th, which is a scary long time to be on hiatus, but after that I’ll be done with spring quarter!

You can still find me on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest though of course. 😊

Talk to you all soon!



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