first concert: magic man

Happy Friday!

This post is going up later than I wanted to, but I’ve been swamped with schoolwork and just extracurriculars! I went to my first ever concert on Wednesday, May 4th, and it was one of my favorite musicians, Magic Man. I was never allowed to go to concerts in high school because parentals are a thing, so thank goodness for college freedom! I remember first being introduced to Magic Man around my junior year of high school from a good friend who’s a total music/concert fanatic, and I immediately fell in love with Magic Man‘s upbeat, highway-with-the-windows-down type of vibe in all of their songs. I’m so blessed to have seen Magic Man as my first concert.


Before Magic Man came on though, Panama Wedding and The Griswolds performed, both bands whom I’ve vaguely heard of but never really listened to their music. I was kind of stuck at the back of the small venue, so I kind of just nodded my head to the beat and passively listened. Both of them didn’t really have the greatest stage presence, to be honest. After about two hours, it was finally time for Magic Man to come on.

For Magic Man, I knew I had to worm my way to the front because I’m super short (five feet, y’all) and there was no way I’m missing out on Magic Man. I ended up making my way up to the third row from the front which was pretty freaking close! When Alex Caplow, the lead singer, came on, the crowd went WILD. Magic Man started off with Apollo, which I thought was a great idea since it’s so upbeat and really got the crowd excited.

(my photo)

I took more than enough videos/photos/snapchats of Magic Man performing, but I just wanted to commemorate their performance! Alex is incredibly youthful, energetic, and let’s be honest – extremely handsome – and I couldn’t take my eyes off of his performance! I was close enough that he looked directly at me a few times (I swooned, obviously). Alas, I was never close enough for him to reach down and take my hand like he did for some audience members.

Magic Man performed a new song that they’re working on for their next album, Young Blood, which was pretty good! They ended up performing about 8 songs I think, I’m not positive. At the end though, Panama Wedding and The Griswolds came back out and the three bands sang Freakin’  Weekend, which was really fun.

My friends and I left immediately after the show ended, only to find out that if we had stayed a little longer, we could have gotten photos with Magic Man!! I was devastated. Better luck next time, I suppose.

To wrap up, I’m super pleased with my first concert experience. The friend I went with had been to her fair share of concerts, and admittedly said that Magic Man‘s was one of the best she had seen. I will 100% be going to see Magic Man again when they come by Seattle next time!


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