productivity in the summer

Productivity in the Summer

Hi everyone!!

I hope you’ve had a great start to the week – I know I have! It’s been suuuper sunny for the past couple of days in Seattle, putting me in a fantastic mood. Of course, the sun’s got me thinking about my summer plans…

If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you know I’m a pretty goal-oriented person, or at least someone who loves being productive. This means that I can’t pass by summer just watching Netflix and lounging on the beach; I have to get something done. I know not everyone is like this, and I acknowledge that. You can spend your summer the way you want, and I the same.

To be honest though, once you start college, it’s probably best if you do something productive. When you’re looking for jobs, employers/recruiters like to see that you did something that helped you further your professional career in the summers between school.

Even after I graduated high school last year, I wrote a post talking about the things I wanted to do. This year, I’m no different. Though last summer was incredibly relaxing, I’m heading into my sophomore year of college in the fall so it’s time to crack down.

1. Summer classes // Last year I had planned on taking accounting classes online informally, but I couldn’t find any good programs so that went off the list. However, this summer I’m actually taking summer classes at my university – Financial Accounting, specifically – and staying on campus over the majority of the summer. I’m taking it from an extremely well-known and loved professor, so I’m hoping to get on her good side for sure.

2. Working // I’ve actually had an on-campus job all year, but come summertime, I’m working two on-campus jobs (obviously I have to feed my shopping addiction)! Since I’m only taking one summer course, I’ll have time to work 15+ hours over the summer (and it pays pretty well, not going to lie!)

3. Possible Interning // I’m not even sure I’ll have time for interning, but I was recently offered a position in a small fashion store in Seattle as a Fashion Marketing Intern. It’s 10 hours a week for 12 weeks, but what with my classes and work, I’m not sure this will be plausible. It would be so fun though!

4. Blogging // This is a GIVEN, of course! I love blogging in the summer on a balcony with a glass of iced coffee…

My summer’s looking pretty packed, now that I look at it! Not many people will be around on campus over the summer, so I’ll have a lot of alone time for sure. I do get to go back home at the end of August for a month before school starts back up.

What plans do you have for summer 2016? Anything productive?


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