coveting: j.crew spring style

Happy Monday, friends!

Let’s be real, I’ve been looking at spring clothes and arrivals since February. However, now that we’re nearly halfway through April, I thought it’d be appropriate to show you all what I’ve been coveting. If you know me, you know J.Crew is 100% my favorite retail store. Just about everything in that store is classy and yuppie status. The style is alway simple but extremely chic. Check out what I’m coveting from J.Crew!

coveting jcrew spring style.png

One: Trench Cape // I’ve never seen anything so beautiful and majestic. What kind of invention is this? Why have I never seen anything like this before?! Give it to me stat. I love the cape part because it leaves the forearms open, just exposed enough for the spring sun!

Two: Gingham Halter Bikini // Is. This. Not. Adorable?! I’m a sucker for gingham now, and even though the PNW doesn’t get that much sun until late June, I’m ready to hit the pool with this suit! That high-waist and halter top duo creates such a flattering shape!

Three: Scalloped Cami // I think scallop has to be the cutest trim out there. With this simple white top, all it needs is a little pizazz (the scallop) to make it extremely eye-catching! Need for spring.

Four: Tassel Sandals // There are sandals, and then there are sandals. These are no joke. There’s a really tiny heel, which I think just makes it that much more unique! And of course, I can’t say no to tassels. They make any simple outfit become an outfit.

Five: Striped T-Shirt with Pom Pom // For some reason, I’ve been loving striped shirts lately. And truth be told, I don’t think they’ll ever go out of style. Add pom poms to the hem of the shirt into the mix… count me in. So. Cute!

What have you been coveting this spring?

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