feb & march favorites | 2016

Feb and March Favs

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Happy April Fool’s Day! I hope y’all won’t get pranked too awfully. I’m a germaphobe and one of my roommates said she was going to do something to me so I am TERRIFIED. Alas, the first week of spring quarter has passed and I am still alive (whew this week was packed!). Today I’m sharing with you my February and March favorites since I gathered enough in two months to write a post about it.

1. Lace-Up Flats // In late February, I finally caved and bought the lace-up flats I’ve been eyeing for ages! These are SUPER popular in the fashion blogging world, and I have yet to see people in real life wear them. I got the BP pair from Nordstrom in Tan and I am in love. They instantly make an outfit look classy!

2. My Lady Jane // One of my favorite reads from February! This one is a satirical retelling of Lady Jane Grey and King Edward, and while it was a thick book, I devoured it. This one comes out in June 2016! Add it to your Goodreads shelf.

3. A Novel Chat // My good friends Aneeqah, Emily, and Willa started a Young Adult Book discussion podcast! I am so incredibly proud of them and I love listening to their weekly thoughts on a different medium. Make sure you go on iTunes and subscribe!

4. Lady Midnight // I finished this one over spring break and you can check out my spoiler-free review here. Basically, Cassandra Clare can do NO WRONG with the Shadowhunter books. Add it to your Goodreads shelf!

5. London Fog Tea // In January, I said that I fell in love with Earl Grey Tea, and now I’ve solidified my Earl Grey drink at Starbucks. I get it everyday – the addiction is real.

6. James Bay // His voice is beautiful, his music is beautiful. Go listen.

7. Frassy // This is a fashion blog I’ve been following for a good 6 months now, and to be really honest, I didn’t ever read the text. Audrey’s photos and fashionable outfits were enough to keep me following the blog. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I actually read the text, and wow. This lady knows how to write! Her daily musings are incredibly thought-provoking and deep; she never fails to make me sit and think for a little while.

8. Harry Potter films // The week before my quarter finals, I rewatched the Harry Potter films (GREAT idea, btw. No regrets). I hadn’t watched them in a few years and I decided to rewatch all of them and man, am I feeling nostalgic. If you haven’t watched them in a while, I highly recommend you do so.

9. Longchamp Totes // I bought two of these in February & March because I love these bags to death. They’re waterproof (perfect for Seattle!) and just fashionable. When I wear these bags, I instantly feel classier.

That concludes my February and March favorites! What did you love these past few months?


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