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Today I wanted to share with you all something super exciting. One of the first things I learned after I started college is that you must study abroad if your credits/four-year plan allows it! I’ve heard so many amazing stories about students coming back as changed people, for the better. I knew I had to jump on this amazing opportunity, especially  because I haven’t been overseas in about 15 years. This is only my first year in college, but I now have sophomore standing in credits, which means I can start looking at study abroad options.

The study abroad options I looked at specifically are direct exchanges, which means that I’m going to be studying at a country’s university for a semester or even up to a year for the same tuition that I’m paying for my current U.S. tuition (a pretty sweet deal I think!). Because I’m majoring in Business Administration, my business school actually has direct exchanges that allows you to take business classes that transfer credits very easily. However, I’m interested in other exchanges that have other classes as well.

As you’re reading this, I’m meeting with my adviser to talk about these options, but I got excited one night before spring break and had spent 4-5 hours researching all of my options. I even made a spreadsheet to stay organized! I’ve narrowed it down to these schools starting from “I NEED TO GO HERE” and ending with “It’d be cool if I studied here!”:

CBS.pngCopenhagen: via // via // via // via

Alright y’all, if you had asked me 6 months ago if I’d ever consider studying abroad in Denmark, I’d tell you, “Uhh, no. What the heck’s in Denmark??” Funny, because now the Copenhagen Business School is my #1 choice! This is because my current mentor studied at this school when she was in college and she loved it. I learned from her that Copenhagen felt so incredibly safe and peaceful there, she often walked around at night by herself, just thinking, it was that safe. Additionally, Copenhagen Business School is one of the direct exchanges with my business program.

EdinburghEdinburgh: via // via // via // via

Y’ALL. The reason why University of Edinburgh is not my #1 choice is because a lot of the business classes don’t transfer, and the classes might be more difficult than my level of education (apparently a lot of their upperclassmen classes are comparable to U.S. grad school classes. They’re smart people.) but the location. THE LOCATION, you guys. Scotland seems like one of the prettiest places in the world, and that bottom left image right there? That’s right, Alnwick Castle, aka the real Hogwarts!!

SydneySydney: via // via // via // via

Who doesn’t want to go to Australia?! Ever since I watched Dance Academy during my freshman year of high school, I knew I wanted to visit Sydney some day. And now I have the opportunity to do so! University of Sydney does a direct business exchange with my business school so it’s pretty perfect. I’d have to visit the Great Coral Reef while I’m at it, too…

Melbourne.pngMelbourne: via // via // via // via

Alright, apparently University of Melbourne is Australia’s #1 university, so that’s pretty cool. Melbourne does seem incredibly beautiful, and that top right picture is the state library. SO GORGEOUS. This school does not have the direct business school exchange though 😦

UBC.pngUBC: via // via // via

I love Vancouver. Since I was about 7 years old, my family and I have made frequent road trips to Vancouver and so I’m pretty familiar with the city. The summer before senior year, I actually visited the University of British Columbia because I was thinking about applying! The campus is beautiful and really new, and I definitely wouldn’t mind doing an exchange! However, it’s just not as foreign as I’d like; if I’m studying abroad, I want to leave North America behind and travel overseas, you feel?

Manchester.pngManchester: via // via // via // via

University of Manchester, the closest exchange to London. *sigh* One of my dorm roommates right now is an exchange student from the University of Manchester, so I can ask her a lot about the culture and lifestyle there, but the drive from the university to London is still around 3 hours. It’s possible I’ll still apply because this school offers a lot of transferrable credits, which is good!

Netherlands.pngRotterdam: via // via // via // via

Finally, Rotterdam in the Netherlands! I really had no interest in Erasmus University until 2 of my good friends got accepted into the program. As I looked more into it, it seems like a great school + location! I think it’s pretty similar to University of British Columbia in that it’s fairly modern and new, with tranquil cityscapes. This program has a direct business exchange but is a bit shorter in terms of a semester.

So that’s it! I’ve narrowed it down to these seven schools, but ultimately when I apply, I think I can only choose three. As you can tell, I like European/English-speaking countries, just because I feel more comfortable in these environments and prefer their culture. I hope that if I get accepted in any of these programs, I’ll be doing my exchange in Jan.- June 2017 (or the full year of 2017), when I am junior standing.

Which schools should I choose? Have you been to any of these cities?


5 thoughts on “my study abroad options!!”

  1. SO EXCITING! I have an uncle who lives in Sydney and went to that university. In fact, he still works there! I’ve been there, and it’s so laid back and lovely, and since it’s the city the bugs stay away…thank goodness!


  2. Sydney is one of my favourite cities in the world, if you end up deciding for Australia I’d definitely say Sydney. There is so much to do in the city but at the same time there is also all this incredible nature around. Melbourne wasn’t really my cup of tea, but it is a lot like other big cities so it has all the conveniences. I haven’t been or heard anything about the different Universities so I can’t gibe you any recommendation there. Vancouver and Edinburgh are awesome places too 🙂


  3. This is so exciting, Jen!! It’s really not a decision anyone can make for you – but you have all amazing options here so I really don’t think you can lose no matter what choice you make! Of your choices, I’ve only visited Vancouver and Edinburgh (both amazing!), but I have to say that the Copenhagen option sounds like maybe the most life-changing, exciting place of the lot because it would be the most different. BUT they’re all exciting options – please keep us updated with what you choose!


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