Why You Should Start a Gratitude Journal

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Hello hello!

Today I wanted to share something that I recently started doing: journaling. Not just writing a diary, but a gratitude journal. Funnily enough, I was actually required to start one for an assignment in my leadership class (long story short: happiness leads to success, rather than the other way around), and I had to keep a gratitude journal for ten days and then write about how it changed my mood day to day.

I don’t do anything cool with my gratitude journal – in fact, I don’t even handwrite it. I keep a Word document on my computer and just write down three things every day that I’m grateful for. I actually found it to be incredibly introspective and ending the day by writing these three things calms me down. It does make me realize how everyday, there is something to be happy for.

I know Grace from Words Like Silver writes a Happy List every so often and shares it; y’all have no idea how much I love reading her happy list. I recently started one in conjunction with my Gratitude Journal and it has truly made me appreciate every little thing. These little moments of happiness do add up and surmount to become a great day, a great week, even if there was a portion that was shitty (if you took a hard exam, for example).

There are good things in every day, if you just know where to look!

Do you keep a gratitude journal or a happy list?



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