My Biggest Regret as a Freshman

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Hello hello!

I’m currently in the midst of studying for my second round of midterms (they never end, I swear) but by the time you read this, I’m probably going to be finished and relaxing! These past couple of weeks, I’ve been struggling to decide where to live next year, and lately I’ve been considering an option I never thought I would consider: going Greek.

And this has to be my biggest regret as a freshman in college so far – not rushing in the fall. Don’t get me wrong, my roommate right now is great and I have zero complaints about her (seriously, I’m blessed to have such an awesome roommate. You wouldn’t believe my other friends’ horrifying roommate stories!), but I can’t believe I didn’t consider rushing.

Wait, that’s a lie. I remember when I had chosen to come to my college during senior year, I had considered rushing for a sorority. However, my siblings had bet that I was going to end up as a sorority girl and party every weekend. Fun fact: I hate when people assume things about me (and sororities, but I’ll get to that later). Even if it’s my sisters doing the assuming. I’m also someone who likes to prove other people wrong, so I adamantly proved to them that I wouldn’t rush for a sorority in the fall. So I didn’t.

That was such a stupid, stupid move.

Because of my stubborn self, I had limited myself to the option of only living in the dorms. At my school, formal sorority recruitment is only available in the fall, and here I am, in the middle of February, wanting to join a sorority.

I talked to one of my friends last week who’s a DG gal and she told me all about her rushing process and life in a sorority house so far and I’m not kidding when I say that her eyes lit up when she talked about Greek life. It made me so happy to see her so happy with her choice to go Greek earlier this past fall. And honestly? I got a lot of stereotypes about sororities cleared up with her. Up until recently, I’ve always viewed sororities and Greek life in general in a sort of negative light because of the people I surrounded myself with in high school (who looked down on Greek life), but after this information interview session with my Greek friend, my opinions have completely turned around. I want to be a part of Greek life now.

If I could rewind 6 months ago, I would tell myself to go forth and go through formal fall recruitment. Even if I ended up hating it, I know that I tried. Because now, I’m regretting it a bit. Coming from out-of-state, I would have met so many more people and probably made friends more quickly. I’m going to be honest, I feel like I haven’t found my niche yet here – and I know it’s okay, but sometimes I just want to have my #squad you know?

So if you’re a senior in high school right now and the idea of a sorority is even kind of a possibility, I’m telling you – just go for rushing! You never know what you’ll get out of it. You could end up loving it and joining a house, or completely hate it – either way, I’ve heard it’s quite the experience, and now I’m looking forward to 6 months from now, when I’ll be rushing as a sophomore.

Do you want to be in a sorority? Are you in a sorority? How has it shaped your college career, for better or for worse?



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