How to Take Notes in a Big Lecture Hall

Taking Notes - 2


I hope everyone’s having a great day! Today I wanted to reveal my secret to taking good notes in college, a tip I discovered was really useful just recently this past quarter.

At some point in your college career, most likely at the beginning, you’ll be taking classes – large lecture hall classes. They’re pretty much unavoidable being a freshman, and when I started my lecture class this quarter, I didn’t know how I was going to take notes.

Disclaimer: my note-taking advice for this post works really well if your lecture professor puts up their Powerpoint presentation before hand.

To start off, I find that this technique works best with a simple composition notebook since it’s small and fits nicely on those teeny tiny lecture hall desks. I love the Mead Five Star ones. (I also decorate mine a lot, as you can tell!)

Taking Notes - 1

My trick is to copy down the Powerpoint slides the night before your class, so you have everything down. This way, you won’t be scrambling to write down the slideshow notes while the professor is talking in class. I copy the slideshow only on the left side of the notebook. I separate the slides by drawing a line with my highlighter.

Then on the right side, you write down what the professor actually says! The professor doesn’t put down everything they’re going to say on the slides, so this is where you’ll put those notes. It’ll be more sparse than the left side of the notebook, but that’s because it’s your version of the lecture! I match the highlighter lines on the right with the left so it’s organized.

Taking Notes - 3

And that’s it! I love this method because I can actually focus on what the professor is saying rather than copying down the slideshow notes in class. I don’t know about you, but if I’m straight copying notes down in class, I tune out the professor (multitasking probz).

I’m definitely going to be using this method for my future lecture classes – it sucks when the professor refuses to put up the slides before class, and that’s when I have to use a different method.

How do you take notes in lecture classes? Will you be utilizing my method?


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