The Best Night of My College Life (So Far)

The Best Night of My College Life


Hello hello!

Happy Saturday! I hope your weekend has been super restful so far – I know I spent my Friday night getting some homework done at Starbucks, but my classes are definitely getting more difficult as the quarter progresses.

I know y’all are busy on weekends, but I needed to talk to y’all about something that’s been on my mind for the past few days.

If you all didn’t know, I recently joined a contemporary/jazz dance company at my school, and we had our first practice with all the new members (myself included) this past week. I joined this company not really knowing what to expect; after all, this is the company’s first year being a thing.

We haven’t started learning the choreography for our show in May yet, so we just learned a short contemporary piece by one of the founders, and another one of our founders wanted to film it.

But not just film it. She wanted us to film it at night, outside, in the middle of campus. At first, I was like this girl is crazy. But in less than a minute, I jumped on board. This was going to be sick! No one dances outside at night, and making a video would be so awesome.

We practiced the piece a few more times earlier this week, and promptly filmed it. This was at 8:30pm when it was below 45 degrees. Our bodies were warm from dancing inside, but our toes were freezing off when we stepped outside onto the brick pavement where we were going to be dancing.

Our filmer/co-founder staged our positions and we blasted the music from a laptop. People walked by and were giving us “what the heck are you all doing?” looks but we didn’t care. We were freezing to death, but we didn’t care. The experience, you guys. Excuse me while I get a little emotional about dance, but this was quite possibly the best night of my college life so far. There’s nothing quite like dancing with a group of girls who love what they do. Everyone was practically still a stranger to each other since we just finished auditions, but honestly after that night, I felt so much more comfortable around everyone. It’s almost impossible to explain, but there was a connection among all of us and it just felt so good.

And it has me thinking: if I can feel so happy – no, elated – from just dancing out at night in the freezing weather with a group of girls, what’s the point of going to college parties and getting drunk on beer? I haven’t even done that yet but now I really don’t want to, when I know something as simple can bring such elation into a night. More importantly, it was incredibly memorable. Y’all, they’re not lying when they say it’s the little things in life.

After we filmed the choreographed section of the piece, we had an improv section and it just felt so liberating and wonderful. Not only did I feel a connection with this group of girls after that night, it also reminded me again why I love dance so much.

Seriously, I can’t stop thinking about what an amazing experience that was. I’m more than happy to share the video with you all, of course! I’m 200% in love with the video, please be sure to check it out! (And do yourself a favor and go listen to James Bay).

What’s your opinion on having fun at college? Have you ever just had a night where it was so unexpectedly enjoyable?


3 thoughts on “The Best Night of My College Life (So Far)”

  1. I agree! There’s so much more than the “college parties”. I have lived at home so not being on campus I’ve found ways to have my own fun off of campus, and they’re memories I’ll be able to remember! haha


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