Value Your Relationships

Value Your Relationships

Hey y’all! I hope everyone is doing well!

I have to apologize for the lack of posts on the blog this past week-I was dealing with 2 midterms and I just had no time to blog! However, they’re over (for now) and I’m back to business.

Today I want to talk to you all about something that’s been lingering in my head for the past couple of days: valuing your relationships. I’m taking a leadership class this quarter and after each lecture class, we separate into smaller groups, which is led by a section leader.

I struck gold with my section leader. My section leader is so intelligent and just has lived through a lot; I love hearing what she has to say about her past life experiences. She said something last class that truly resonated with me, “Value your relationships. Never eat a meal alone.”

Why did this resonate with me so much, you ask? Since starting college, I’ve met tons and tons of people. And a lot of them are people I want to stay connected with, whether it be because I think they’ll help me further myself in my career, or because I just love having them around as a good friend.

It’s been hard for me in college thus far because it’s so easy to be engrossed in my own personal life and eat a quick meal and then get back to whatever I was doing (studying, probably). But when my section leader said “never eat a meal alone”, I was like, woah. I eat most of my meals alone. It’s probably not 100% realistic to always be eating a meal with someone at all times, but it’s definitely something to strive for.

It’s not entirely relevant to high schoolers, but in college, it totally is. When you meet someone in college, it’s your job to maintain that relationship and your choice if you want to value it or not. I’ve taken this to heart and have started making plans with friends to grab coffee or sit down for dinner on a Saturday night. College is fast-paced and things are always changing, and if you don’t maintain or value those relationships, you’ll never find that network of people you can count on later on in life.

I’m finding that these dinner sessions don’t even have to be extravagant or 5 days a week. Making sure I schedule in 1 or 2 meals with a friend a week is good enough to maintain a strong relationship with my network.

So next time you meet someone that you just really click with – schedule that coffee date or dinner with them and be sure to maintain that connection. It’ll go a long way, I promise!




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