Trying New Things


Hello hello!

Ever since I became a huge reader, I’ve always felt the need to become one of those “coffee and books” kind of gal, just because the idea of it is so wonderful, yet also stereotypical. Residing in Seattle now, the need to fit in that stereotype feels even stronger.

But if I’m honest with myself, I can’t handle caffeine. It makes my blood buzz in a bad way, and I can’t focus when I down a cup of latte. I’ve given tea a try when I was younger, but it was just so bland. It also just felt very… adult-y? I wasn’t ready for adult drinks. I didn’t touch tea again until recently.

I’m not sure if watching Sherlock has influenced me at all, but watching Benedict Cumberbatch drink out of cute little teacups made me want to try tea again. I was completely open to giving it another shot this time around.

I went out to my local grocery story and bought myself a box of tea, decaf. I chose this fruit tea sampler because I honestly didn’t know which flavor I would like. So far, I really like the Country Peach Passion! I love winding down the day by drinking tea and catching up on my Youtube subscriptions. Who knew that with an open mind, you’ll end up enjoying trying new things more?

What are your favorite kinds of tea?


4 thoughts on “Trying New Things”

  1. Oh there are so many great teas, I love starting the day with a cup of tea. It’s really hard to decide on a favourite one but it would be a blueberry/ vanilla kind that we have here in Germany. I only drink fruit teas usually and they tend to be berry flavours but there are so many new flavours always coming out that there is always something else to try. Right now I discovered a Brasilian lime tea that’s really good. I hope you enjoy your new discovery of the yummyness of tea 🙂


  2. I love drinking herbal teas and chai teas! From some popular tea brands you can get “flavored” chai teas (usually just a different combination of cinnamon and other spices) and those are a good way to mix things up. I also don’t like caffeine so my go to coffee shop item is usually a chai tea latte.


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