My 2016 Planner


Hey y’all!

Man, it feels good to be blogging again. Since winter term started, I haven’t had any time to sit down and write this blog post! This 2016 Planner post is two weeks late; I had intended to get this up right at the start of the new year!

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen my tweet about “knowing you’re a true #girlboss when you’re excited to buy a new planner for the new year”. I’ve wanted a Lilly Pulitzer planner for ages now, but that’s just not going to happen until I have an actual job and can afford $30 planners. So, I decided to go to Target and look around!

I bought my 2015 planner at Target for $8, so I knew they had some pretty nice ones for cheap. In December, I stumbled across their Mead Cambridge Edition planners, and I knew this year, I wanted to go BIGGER. So I went with the 8×11 planner – it was only $14.99! Unfortunately, they don’t have the exact one I have on their website, but they do have some other cute ones from Sugar Paper!

For those of you who are curious, here’s what the inside of my planner looks like!


I’m so in love with this gold foiling on the cover of the planner, and the polka dots, of course! Even the spiral is gold. 🙂



Yeah, this section of the planner was not used. I might write stuff in it later when I have a clearer vision of the year!


I use the monthly pages as accomplishment pages! As you can see in the upper left hand corner, I have a key of what star represents what task. If I get something done, I get a star! (Reward system, y’all. It works and keeps me motivated!)


I also use them to keep track of when I change out my contact lenses, when I did laundry last, etc.


Here’s the weekly look! I used to use these wonderful Paper Mate Flair Felt tip pens to write in my planner, but these pages are too thin and the ink does bleed through, unfortunately. So I switched to using black pen, and then highlighting. Each task has their own highlight color! Once I finish something, I cross it off and it’s so satisfying.

At the top of everyday’s box, I write down in a different colored pen my events for the day, even though I use Google Calendar religiously & simultaneously.

What I love about this planner is that nothing is lined. It’s simply a box with open white space for you to write non-linear if you choose! Or to doodle, even…


Lastly, I use a little kitty magnet bookmark so I can easily flip to the current date.

So that’s it! Not much to it, but I am loving how big the planner is so I can literally write everything down. What does your 2016 organization look like?


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