Reconnecting with Old Passions

Reconnecting with Old Passions

Life has really weird ways of surprising you.

At the end of senior year in high school, I was sure I was done with dance. Even throughout senior year, I was kind of getting tired of it. I had done dance team for the first three years at my high school, and switched to studio dance company senior year. It was a great way to stay fit, but I just wasn’t really excited about dance anymore.

I put away all of my dance clothes in the back of my closet over the summer because I was sure dance wasn’t going to happen in college.

And here I am, considering a dance minor.

First quarter of college came and went, and I was happily staying fit by going to the gym. But during the last week of fall quarter, auditions for a contemporary/jazz company happened, and I ended up going, just for kicks.

What I learned: I really missed dancing. The squeak of the studio floor, the blisters on my feet, the soreness of every single muscle the next day, all of it. Luckily, I ended up making the company, and before I knew it, I was registering for a dance class for winter quarter.

Now I’m taking Dance 302, which is an intermediate/advance ballet class (the most advance is 400 level). And since I’m required to take a certain amount of arts credits, I am now considering a dance minor, since it’s pretty easy to fulfill and I need the arts credits for general education requirements anyway.

Who knows what I’ll do with a dance minor? All I know is that I’ve reconnected with an old passion of mine, and I want to stay connected.

Have you ever stopped doing something you love? Have you ever considered reconnecting with it?


12 thoughts on “Reconnecting with Old Passions”

  1. THIS IS SO FANTASTIC!! (okay, maybe, MAYBE, i’m a little biased because this is dance, but still.) i understand what you mean because this was actually me and books. there was a period of life (like middle school ish) where i wasn’t really ~into~ reading. i hardly read and mainly did it for school credit. i wasn’t exactly done with it like you said you were with dance, but… meh. then — i have no idea how — i read a YA novel and kinda swirled into reading all over again. and now i’m as happy as you can be. so it makes me happy to hear that you’re still doing this in college because college is usually when people stop doing things for pleasure and start doing things they NEED to do for the future and life and whatnot. anyway, I LOVE THIS. xxx


  2. I’m currently a senior in high school. I’m also a synchronized swimmer, and I feel like I’m kind of… done with it, I guess. Just going through the motions. It’s nice to hear that a drive to practice these kind of extracurricular things can come back after moving to college. A dance major is really cool, too! My history teacher last year doubled majored in dance and it was interesting how she brought a dancer’s prospective to everything else. 🙂


    1. That’s EXACTLY how I felt at the end of senior year about dance! Definitely take a break from synchronized swimming if you need it, but who knows, you may want to pursue it again in college! Some form of familiarity is nice when everything around you is new in college.

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  3. That’s exciting! It’s really nice to have room to take some fun classes in between all the business ones, so I highly recommend continuing taking dance classes if it’s something you want to pursue 🙂


  4. First, I don’t know where the heck I’ve been but I love your new blog design! Next, YAY DANCE!!! I can’t imagine ever having a career in dance, but I also can’t imagine my life without dance. Sore muscles, and calloused, blistered, bruised feet are the best types of pain (in my opinion lol). Anyways I’m so happy you made company and A DANCE MINOR?! that sounds so AWESOME! YAY JEN!


    1. SAM thank you so so much!! I’m glad I found someone in the blogosphere who understands the pain and love of dance. I don’t see myself dancing professionally either but having a minor it sounds pretty cool! Thanks so much for your kind thoughts 🙂


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