Book Looks: The Girl From Everywhere

The Girl From Everywhere



Hello everyone!

I’m back with another Book Look (I seriously need to do these more often!). I recently read The Girl from Everywhere by Heidi Heilig and really enjoyed it, but found myself having a difficult time writing full-fledged thoughts on it. So, why not do a Book Look for it? The cover is absolutely stunning and I was more than happy to put together outfit ideas for it.

Before I dive into the look and my thoughts, The Girl from Everywhere is about a girl who travels through time on a pirate ship using maps. Her father is the captain of the ship, and they are looking for a map to find her mother. The majority of the novel is set in Hawaii!

Now, onto the look: I hope you all don’t mind the fact that all of the products featured in this post are items from J.Crew (I just REALLY love their products)!


I really wanted to focus on the bright turquoise and coral in this cover! I also really like denim with coral, which is why it shows up twice in this look. My favorite is probably the simple black dress though – I just love the trapezoid cut of the straps!

Can we take a look at the shoes for a minute? The bright blue heels are to die for because there are jewels on the toe strap. SO. PRETTY. I’m a huge fan of the black leather loafers as well; they were the closest thing I could find to boat shoes!

I was pretty excited when I found the black satchel. It really reminded me of the bottomless bag in the book (you’ll have to read it to know what I’m talking about!!)

Of course, I couldn’t skip shopping J.Crew’s jewelry, they always have stunning pieces. I need the necklace and bracelet in my life!


The Girl from Everywhere has a really unique concept, and even more exciting characters. I really liked the relationship dynamic between Nix, our main character, and her father Slate the captain. YA doesn’t focus very much on father-daughter duos, and I think Heilig captured that well. Also on the ship is Kashmir, Nix’s good friend. Kashmir is so spunky and sarcastic – he’s probably my favorite character in the story.

The Girl from Everywhere explores a lot of old myths and legends, and weaves it into the plot of time-travel. I think Heilig did a fantastic job of utilizing these myths and making it her own.

The one thing I struggled with had to be the setting. Since it’s set in Hawaii, the names just went in one ear and out the other. Is this place important? What about this guy Nix just met? Don’t get me wrong: Heilig fleshed out the setting extremely well, I just couldn’t keep it all straight in my head.

Overall though, I highly recommend The Girl from Everywhere just because it’s such a fun read and if you have wanderlust, you’ll definitely want to read this one.

I hope you all enjoyed my Book Look for this one and do pick it up in March 2016!


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