Top 10 Books of 2015


Wahoo! Today is the last day of 2015, and I’m here to tell you the best books I read this year. I said there’s 10, but I couldn’t help but add ONE more to the list. These books truly blew me away and definitely will be re-read in the future. Click on the picture to link to Goodreads!













And that’s a wrap! I think I can conclude that I really still love YA contemporary fiction, particularly if it’s adorable or if it gives me a lot of the feels.

What are you favorites of 2015?


12 thoughts on “Top 10 Books of 2015”

  1. An Ember in the Ashes made it to my faves, too! I so cannot wait for the sequel!!
    Ahh, so pleased to see Truthwitch on your list, I really can’t wait to read it! 😀


    1. I’m reallly excited for the sequel as well; I hope you enjoy Truthwitch, I have a feeling you’ll love it just as much as me! Happy new year, Renu!


  2. Aristotle and Dante, ACOTAR, and Simon made my favorites list this year, too!! I also read Everything, Everything (which surpassed my expectations) and An Ember in the Ashes (which didn’t live up to my expectations). I seriously want to read Truthwitch and Station Eleven… Great list, Jen! Happy New Year and cheers to 2016!


    1. Woohoo, I’m so glad Aristotle, ACOTAR, and Simon made your favorites list, they are seriously amazing. I’m sorry you didn’t like An Ember in the Ashes much, I personally thought the empire stuff was so cool. I hope you get to Truthwitch and Station Eleven in 2016, they are truly amazing books! Happy New Year to you as well, Mallory!

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  3. awesome list! Def. need to read some of these! Picked up An Ember in the Ashes ages ago, but still haven’t read it. I’m currently reading The Magicians which is awesome so far and I loved The Girl Caught in the Spider’s Web!


    1. Oh I’ve heard wonderful things about The Magicians, you’ll have to let me know how it turns out! Thanks for stopping by, Tianna!


  4. Amazing picks here. i loved truthwitch! it was super awesome and lots of action. really like iseult! also everything everything. that book reduced me to a puddle of feels. it was so cute. i really want to read when we collided! i haven’t read an emery lord but she comes highly recommended.


    1. Hi Nova! Truthwitch seriously was awesome, I can’t wait to read more about Iseult and Safi – they’re the power duo for sure! Everything, Everything was legit just cuteness overload for sure 🙂 And you’ll have to read all of Emery Lord’s books soon! Thanks for the lovely comment, Nova, happy new year!


  5. Oh man, I can’t believe I haven’t read ANY of these! I totally failed when it came to reading 2015 releases, especially because a lot of these were pretty high up on my list to-read. Ah well, at least now I know I have some great reads awaiting me in 2016! Actually, this list would be a good one to work off of…


    1. Ahaha thanks Aylee! It’s totally okay to not be caught up with 2015 releases, since it’s nice to go back and read some older titles!


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