My 2015 Highlights


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A few days ago, I wrote about all of the things I’m looking forward to in 2016, but of course, I want to wrap up my 2015! 2015 was an awesome year, what with so many things happening. This will be my 2015 highlights! Going in chronological order…

January – March

The first three months of 2015 were pretty horrid. If you go or went to a high school with the IB program, you know it’s scary as a senior. In January, I remember I was panicking about my internal oral assessment for my IB English class. My teacher recorded my oral and it was promptly sent to the IBO. *shudders* those were dark times.

Further more, in February and March, I heard from most of my college decisions, and I actually filmed my reactions to them (those will never be shared publicly). I was rejected, accepted, and waitlisted to many schools, and so many introspective hours of the day were spent contemplating my future. I’m not even going to talk about spring break. That was just devastating for me.

April – June

I visited the university I was going to commit to and loved it (the same school I go to now) and had my older friend give me a nice campus tour! Other than that, April was pretty stressful because of AP exams studying 24/7. I danced at my last dance competition, but it sadly wasn’t very exciting. I handed off my Key Club President position off to the incoming President and was free from my leadership duties.

Since prom was during the first couple of days of May, April was filled with prama (prom + drama = prama). Such bad timing, considering we were all studying for AP/IB exams AND trying to find a prom date (senior scramble, amirite?).  Prom happened, and while it was fun, junior year’s prom was much funner because of the group and venue. May was filled with skipping school days to take exams and just in general skipping school because #secondsemestersenior. Towards the end of the month, I visited my older sister in NorCal because of her graduation ceremony! It was a nice break from school.

June was fun because I barely had any finals, and I went camping for the first time! My friends and I drove to the coast, visited the beach, and camped in a tent. Then I graduated high school! I have never felt so free. I also got behind the wheel for the first time. If you didn’t know, I only have my permit, and no license (yet!!). Attended a few graduation parties that were pretty dull, and that was my June.

July – September

Oh, the summer months. This was my longest summer ever because my university starts so late and seniors graduate earlier than fresh/soph/juniors. July was basically going to student orientation, reading a lot, blogging a lot, and driving a lot. At the end of the month though, my sister and I headed to Martha’s Vineyard in Boston for a week! It was my first time traveling to the East Coast. It was HEAVENLY. We stayed at my friend’s beach house and just #goals.

August and September were pretty much the same: reading, blogging, and shopping for dorm room stuff. I have never felt the dog days of summer so much in these two months. I did join the Her Campus Blogger Network and it changed my view of blogging, as well as my own blogging style.

At the end of September, I started school at my university! It was a whirlwind. I went to cool events every single day and my schedule was packed.

October – December

In October, I rushed for Delta Sigma Pi (business fraternity) and didn’t get it, but lessons learned. I applied for a job on campus at admissions and got it! This is my first paid job ever and it feels so good to be making money. Additionally, I took my first midterm and killed it. My parents came to visit me during Halloweekend and it was all fun and jolly.

I also revamped my blog to be more focused on lifestyle and fashion, but still with heavy focus on books!

In November, I celebrated my 19th birthday and also visited the PwC offices (PwC is a Big Four accounting firm that I hope to work at!) Thanksgiving happened and I went back home for the first time since school started, and it was wonderful seeing everyone again.

December was studying for finals and auditioning for a dance company on campus (which I got into, yay!). And of course, winter break, which consists of reading, blogging, and finally getting a Netflix account (but also doing productive things.

So that was my 2015! Not very crazy, but nothing terrible happened either. Mostly it was stressful, but those four months of relaxing in the summer was enough for me.

What are your 2015 highlights? Do you think 2016 will top 2015?



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