Mini Two-Week Hiatus



My first ever college finals are happening soon! I don’t usually take hiatuses because I somehow always manage to have posts going up, but this time, things are getting real and studying needs to happen.

So, I’ll be taking a two-week hiatus until I finish up finals. I’m starting to feel a little overwhelmed and scared for my grades in all of my classes, so it’s definitely time to crack down.

I’ll still be out and about on Twitter, but this blog won’t be active again until around December 15th.

I promise I’ll be back! In the meantime, check out my old reviews and sign up to read my fashion articles in the spring!

See you all soon!


4 thoughts on “Mini Two-Week Hiatus”

  1. WE WILL MISS YOU JEN. Not gonna lie, reading this post makes me so relieved I don’t have any exams. Though I do have 5 tests in two days.

    (Don’t hate me lol 😝)

    You’re going to kill these finals, college queen!! GOOD LUCK! I am sending good vibes.


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