How College Has Changed My Reading Habits

how college has changed my reading habits

Hey y’all!

It’s Jen, and I feel like I haven’t written a good ol’ discussion post on here for awhile (my last one, Remembering What You Read, was one I wrote in the summer and scheduled for the fall). Lately, I’ve just been whipping out review after review, which can definitely become a little dull on a book blog.

Today, I wanted to talk to you all about how my college experience so far has changed my reading habits! Please keep in mind that this is my experience so everyone’s is different.

So what has changed? Obviously, college is an entirely new environment and a new life in general, so it really affected my reading habits because it’s so prevalent in my life.

1. I don’t feel like reading on my e-reader

I have no idea why this change has incurred, but my prior love for my Kindle has dwindled significantly since moving to college. I think it may be tied to the fact that Seattle has so many beautiful bookstores that I frequently visit (like twice a week) that I’m just more drawn to physical books now. It’s so bizarre.

2. my review copies have been neglected

This is tied to #1 since all of my review copies are on my e-reader. This is so awful because over the summer I had requested so many titles from Edelweiss and Netgalley, and they’ve been sadly neglected. I just haven’t been motivated to read those titles.

3. Audiobooks are all the rage

Not like audiobooks weren’t awesome before I started college, but at this point, audiobooks just make sense, honestly. In college, I’m always getting from one place to another: walking to and from classes, commuting on the bus, etc. And don’t forget about working out. It doesn’t sound all that different from what my life was like before, but audiobooks are just a really good way to read books when college life is getting in the way. I have like 5+ titles in my library currently ready to go.

4. i want to read whatever i feel like

Back before I started college, I was totally okay with reading review copy after review copy. In a way, those were the books I wanted to read all the time. But since starting college, I just want to read whatever book I want – most of which aren’t review copies. College limits my time to read, so when I do have the time to read, I want to be reading something I truly want to be reading.

5. Adult/classics have popped up

This is more of an environmental thing, but my surroundings have definitely changed. I’m constantly surrounded by scholarly people now, people I want to impress. With this, I’ve been wanting to read more Adult Fiction/Non-fiction and classics. My heart will always be with YA, but looking at my bookshelf right now, I have 4 adult/classic books, and only 2 YA. Lately I’ve definitely felt the urge to pick up more books that I’ll be able to talk about with my colleagues.

6. I don’t feel like writing reviews anymore

My final change is more of a blogging change rather than a reading-habit change, but I never feel the excitement for writing book reviews anymore. It’s not that I don’t feel like blogging anymore – but book reviews just seem dull now. I’m not sure. This #6 could spur on an entirely new discussion post, but I’m not sure how to remedy this one. If not book reviews, what will my blog become?

So there you have it – how college has changed my reading habits! Luckily, I’m still reading in some way or another every single day, so that’s always a good sign. What do you think? Are these changes normal or completely bizarre?


9 thoughts on “How College Has Changed My Reading Habits”

  1. I love this! How did college change my reading habits? I stopped reading, almost completely… LOL. I brought a huge box of books to school and thought I would totally prove everyone wrong and read so much for pleasure. Didn’t happen. I mostly read during my summer/winter breaks and then picked it up again like crazy post-graduation. And that led to the book blog!

    I’m glad you’re able to keep reading at school, even if your habits have changed.


  2. I definitely don’t feel like writing reviews as much, anymore, because just being able to read is a luxury. I also looove the feel of a physical book these days. I think it’s because so many of my textbooks and readings are online that all I want to do is hold a book and devour it. This is such a fantastic post–I looove the idea! 🙂

    Also, I got Cam Girl! My mail services takes awhile to process mail but I finally picked it up today so THANK YOU! <3333

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  3. I TOTALLY feel you on the last one sometimes. Lately, I’ve felt like that, and I’m kind of scared of what would happen if I stopped….you know? I just don’t know who I’d be without blogging.

    Maybe this needs to be a discussion post?

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  4. Ok I KNOW you wrote this like over a week ago but now that it’s Thanksgiving break, I’m going through my reader (oy!) and I had this one saved 🙂

    I can’t really compare my reading habits from high school to college because they didn’t change all that much (I think since I first got into blogging when I was in college), but there’s definitely a huge difference between how I read during my undergrad and how I read now that I’m working on getting my masters. I think one of the main reasons I quit blogging was because of your #4. I read enormous amounts for school, which limits the time I can spend reading for fun (though I try to do so for at least a little every day). Because of this, I have to prioritize what I read. Same with #5. I’m sure I’ve started branching out because of my age/maturity level, but I’ve also been reading A LOT more adult fiction/nonfiction because I spent so long confining myself to only YA. I’ll always love YA and I still read it from time to time, but I have other interests now as well.

    Okay this was really long, but basically what I was trying to say is that I think the changes you’re seeing are completely normal 🙂


    1. I’m loving your comment love, Rachel! I’m glad this resonated with you in some way. It seems like it’s unavoidable – you’ll be reading something more difficult than YA for a while during college and as you get older, until you’ve settled down and have a full-time job and can read for fun again. I really do miss your posts, girl! Thanks for stopping by!


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