Starting My Last “Teen” Year

Yesterday, November 4th, was my 19th birthday! It’s crazy because I really feel like I haven’t been adulting for an entire year already. Crazier yet, 19 is my last “teen” year before I enter my twenties! That is crazy to think about.

What’s strange about my birthday this year is that I spent it away from home, and away from my twin sister. It was lonely, but also different and exciting.

I started off my day early unfortunately with my microeconomics midterm which was long but not too difficult. I had lunch with my friend as usual and treated myself by going to the recently opened Amazon Books store! (Recent as in it literally opened yesterday out of the blue).

You guys, that store is a dream come true. The bookstore itself isn’t very big, but it’s pretty jam-packed and the best part: the prices are the same as they are online! I obviously couldn’t walk out of that store empty-handed, so after a good 30 minutes in the store, I walked out with:

I read the beginning of it and liked what I read – plus, look at the beautiful cover!!

After that, I had a few club meetings and also had my “birthday dinner” during the meeting.

Ended the night like I do with all of my past birthdays, I stir up a bowl of Bowl Noodle (aka the best Korean cup noodles ever) and read a book before bed.

So not an extremely extravagant birthday at all, but it was great and just what I wanted.

It’s crazy to think about what’ll happen from now until I turn 20 next year, but I’m ready to take up anything that comes my way!

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