What I’m Listening To: Troye Sivan

What I'm Listening to

It’s late October and I’ve been listening to Halsey for a whole month now – it’s time to change things  up a bit. I use Spotify (who doesn’t?!) and of course, they have advertisements now and then. I stumbled upon an ad for Troye Sivan and really liked what I heard.

If you don’t know who Troye Sivan is, he’s a UK Youtuber and now singer. I watched some of his videos with Tyler Oakley because they were pretty cute friends, but I never listened to his music.

Well, let me tell you: his stuff is good.

He has a pretty light voice, so it’s pleasant. But mix that in with some cool beats and you’ve got magic. My favorite songs by him are Happy Little Pill, The Fault in Our Stars, Bite, Talk Me Downand Touch. I’m listening to his music as I write this post!

He’s probably all I’m going to be listening to for all of November, to be really honest!

What are you listening to at the moment?

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