Is Dining Hall Food Actually Gross?

Students in college are always complaining about how dining hall food is disgusting and not worth their money. I can admit, it’s a little overpriced, but it’s definitely not gross. I’m also speaking from being at school for less than a month, but I’m liking the food here.

At my school, I have a lot of options! This one here is at a fancier dining hall on campus, and this dinner was with two of my friends from high school 🙂 I’m obsessed with Caprese salads (and just Caprese anything), and the macaroni and steak were extremely delicious as well, according to my friends.


Another meal I love having on campus is the Chicken Tikka Misala! Guys, I’m head-over-heels for Indian cuisine. It’s just so yummy! The Indian place on my campus is surprisingly good. My friend and I have it for lunch every week after our Microeconomics class… Yes, it’s an addiction. 😉



Other than these scrumptious meals, I mostly eat sandwiches and wraps, and the occasional pizza, burger, and salad. I eat all of my breakfast meals in my dorm room (cereal, banana, Greek yogurt, eggs). But in all honestly, dining hall food isn’t as bad as people make it out to be!

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*all photos were taken by me*

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