What I’ve Learned About College Life So Far

*photos were taken and edited by me*

Hey everyone!

So the first three weeks of college have gone by! I feel like each week has just FLOWN by, it’s so crazy. Fall time is my absolute favorite, and it’s gorgeous (if a little rainy) here in Seattle. The leaves are changing colors and there are squirrels EVERYWHERE.

It’s still a huge adjustment from high school lifestyle. Today I thought I’d share a few things that I’ve learned about college life with the time I’ve spent here at college!

1. It’s okay to be alone.

Whether you go to a small school or a large school like me, I’ve learned that it’s completely okay to be alone (not all the time though!). If you’re an introvert like me, it feels like I never get my alone time anymore what with living with a roommate.

But no one cares if you’re sitting alone in the dining halls – it’s not like high school at all. Back in high school, if I were sitting alone in the cafeteria and reading a book, people would probably think I didn’t have friends and was a loner. It’s not like that in college at all: if you’re alone, no one cares. I love the judgment-free aspect of college.

2. Everyone is on their own schedule.

This ties in with #1, but literally everyone has their own schedule, which is why it’s totally okay to be alone. It’s pretty difficult to make plans with friends because I’m in this club at this time while my friend has work and class at this time, etc. Learn how to be independent and rely on your schedule to be productive. Don’t rely on someone else’s schedule to get homework done.

3. Making friends is harder than you think.

This is most definitely not the case for everyone, but for me it is! I see myself as a friendly person, but it’s really difficult to make friends and stay connected with them.

4. It’s okay to not find your niche in the first few months.

This ties in again closely with #3, but it’s okay to not have a group of friends instantly for the first few months. Sometimes you just don’t click with someone right away, and that’s okay. Being friends with someone you genuinely care about takes time to develop.

College is all about discovery – get to know yourself, introspect.

5. Get involved.

There isn’t a better way to meet people than to get involved. I’m lucky to attend a school where there are tons of clubs and organizations, so it’s pretty easy for me to meet people that way. Additionally, if you like staying busy, join clubs that you are passionate about, and can possibly obtain a leadership position in someday!

That’s it for now! I’m so glad about these things I’ve learned so far – I think they’re something to look forward to as a high school senior but also things to keep in mind if you’re ever feeling down about yourself on campus.

What do you think it will be like for you? What was it like for you college alums?


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